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PATM from Japan

I have a symptom called PATM.
I've been suffered from it for more than 3 years.
My symptom is probably same with others, like making people cough, sneeze and rub their noses around me.

I went to so many hospitals so far and I've tried several types of supplements.
But, they all never worked...

Also I've asked my friends and colleagues whether I smell awful or not.
They all said that they do not feel any odors from me...
But, their reaction is never gone.

My quality of life is ruined.
PATM leads to depression.

I want nothing except for curing PATM.
I cannot have any hope while I am suffering this symptom....

Thanks for reading my terrible English post.

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its in our Hair, get Ketakonazole Shampoo and try it, it will stop reaction for 1-2 days. Stops fungus growth. Use not only on hair, all over body.
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Most on medhelp seem to have it or believe its in their gut.   Many have it in their nasal area.   I have it in my eyes... ive have read from people who have it in their hair also.  
In my 3 years of patm studing.  The yeast issues come AFTER patm starts although some believe its the cause.  There are many other helpful sights. Medhelp will run you in circles with little help except some personal validation.  
Mucus,sweat,blood,sperm. It has been reported to be in all of those. Different for everyone depending on where your "patm cause is hiding.    Ive even found someone who caught or was (given) it the same weekend dec.24 2019 in the same area as me.  (Venice Beach, Ca.)   I ate something, fell deathly ill and the next day when i awoke the this chapter of my life began.
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Do you live in a old house or have lived in one in the past?

Have you been in contact with mold?

Does your tongue have a coating (white or green for an example)

I am as confused as you are with this PATM thing
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I will answer your question as below.

1. I have never lived in old house, and I am not living in one now.

2. To tell the truth, I am not sure that I am surrounded by mold in my daily life, but I went to a hospital to have my body(especially my foot) checked yesterday. I am going to get the result next week.

3. It defers depending on my condition, but my tongue usually looks whitish.
It smells terrible, especially in the morning.

In my case, I feel that my symptom is brought from my foot.
But, It is hard for you to imagine that I cannot feel any smells from my foot, even when my foot are really wet.
But it seems to me that something tiny particles come from my foot because once I wear socks and shoes, I feel irritated my throats and bitter taste on my tongue. When I get to my office, my colleagues also start coughing.

Of course, I have a lot of socks and shoes and I regularly renew them.

I don't really understand, but it is true...
I have tongue coating, seems to be common among PATMers
I am more and more convinced that it is mucus in the throat. Since I have been paying close attention every day and making sure I keep my throat free of mucus the tongue coating is not there. The mucus sits there without us being aware. After a while it starts to smell. Imagine if you let dirty water sit for a long time. What do you think it will smell like. The foods that we eat gets trapped by the mucus. Or the smell from the foods. That’s why if I eat foods with strong odor it smells worse. I think that allergies is my problem which Can produce mucus. I was diagnosed with non allergic rhinitis. It is basically inflammatory in the nose and throat. Sugar is the culprit. The smell gets so much worse after eating sugar. I found an article on google on how to make glucose nose drops. It is 25% glucose which is the same as corn syrup.  The rest is glycerin. Irrigate you’re nose first.then use the drops at least three times a day. You can use a cotton swab to apply. Put it inside your nostrils really well. Sugar creates bacteria.
One more thing. When we chew food the mucus gets mixed up with it. That’s why the coating on my tongue is  much worse after I eat. I must admit I don’t take my allergy pills consistently. I am not a doctor. I am not giving medical advice. But this is what I have noticed. I saw a post someone else put on this website about mucus being the culprit. I always thought it was for me but wasn’t sure. But when I read their post I was convinced. You would think that a doctor would notice something so simple. Right.?
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