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PATM reaction reduction and potential cure

Hey guys, I have been dealing with PATM for almost 4 months now and attending classes with this condition is a nightmare. Because of PATM this semester was hell for me, because i can't attend classes and everyone would react. Honestly i have not done much research but i have been reading people's post which are here and other social media groups. And for a while  a psychological cause seemed plausible until i came across the commonality of mold exposure on people's post. I immediately  realized that i had lived in a mold infested home for 3 months and PATM started after that. I also remember that there was mold under my mattress.  

On some groups some people claimed PATM vanished when they treated fungal infection of the skin and internal body parts. I contacted some of them and suggested me easy treatment that i can do.

They were :-
                      a, washing the body with salt,(diluted with water)
                      b, taking doses of VIT C

My assumptions are PATM is caused by a fungal infection caused by mold exposure in time of weakened immune system. and because  the skin is the largest organ of the body infection of the skin(&scalp) by fungus can release toxins which irritates people thus causing reactions. The fungus can be also invasive , it is described in detail on this article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mold_health_issues

The prognosis of my PATM is good, i can certainly say upto 70%-80% reaction reduction after starting the treatment mentioned above. I am so sure of this is because i can now attend classes and only few people react to this(people who are sensitive only 2-3 people in a class of 30) .

What are your thoughts on this?

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There is no cure mate .. its a ****** curse.. good luck mate, dont killyourself fight for it. been dealing 8 years now.
It is horrific. I think mine is in my. Ode and throat.
Correction nasal
Yes my best guess is the fungus is somehow living in our sinus and releasing toxic substances. This why i think people react from a distance of 10 meters away from us, which the wind will carry the substances to their nasal airways.
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So is it a mold or a fungus? Does it make you sick or only others? If you’re not affected then it’s neither.
Fungus can infect  somebody without showing any symptoms
I think that assumption is right ! ^
It infects you and you show no symptoms but it causes others to have reactions to you? How much vitamin C and how often?  What type of salt?
How do you know for sure it is mold? Have you been diagnosed?
As far as I am concerned if you get any type of reaction, whether it’s from 1 person or three people. Then you still have it. No one should be able to smell us or react in such horrible way. I have taken a shower and soaked in the bathtub before going to the store and I would still get reaction from people.
Fungus is mold make a research
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Try Hibiclens its a skin cleanser that really works well. I use it daily as a body wash.
Do you still get reactions?
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I to believe its an scalp and skin issue. I was using apple cider vinegar straight on my scalp and i had less reactions, as in people sneezing and coughing, clearing of throat. But my hair was shedding so bad. I stopped leaving it in and just washing it out, and is less effective. I will go back to using Epsom salt when bathing. How many VC do you take and mg.
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If some of you don't stop with all these non sense and negative mindset you will suffer for the rest of your lifetime and I'm just being 100% honest.  Saying there is no cure is plain stupidy.  Stop feeding people wrong info! Now, ask yourself were you born with this? Of course not. It just happened suddenly, am I correct? I've been dealing with this for 8 long years and now I'm finally understanding how to correct this issue. I am feeling extremely better and I definitely know I am on the right path of defeating this PATM condition.
What do you do to correct it ?
If you’re not coming to this site to share your information that can potentially help others who are also  suffering, then please do not taunt people.
Ihatepatm - Before I answer your question, I would like to know what's your theory behind what's causing PATM so I can tell you if your on the correct path or not? If you're not sure then that's fine because I will share my experience with anyways. I agree with your username, nobody likes PATM period
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Crazeek - First I would like to address you don't even know me to accuse me of taunting. Secondly, if you ain't quick to judge then maybe I will guide you with the success I'm experiencing right now. I don't have time to taunt or troll people on here as I am I sufferer myself and I know how excruciating it can be to deal with.
Ok. Have a great day!

I went to the gastroenterologist and he gave me medication that temporarily eliminates PATM. This stuff is totally natural and it’s called IB gard. You can get it at Walmart or your local pharmacy without a prescription.

I take one capsule 2 hours before consuming food and it is time delayed so it can reach the small intestine. Once there, it releases ultra purified peppermint oil. I’m able to speak at meetings or have conversations with without people sneezing or coughing.  

Basically the description of this medical food is to target the for people who suffer from constipation or diarrhea, gas bloating. It uses proactive dietary management of IBS. It utilizes breakthrough science via SST ( site specific targeting) to provide delivery at the site of the disturbance beyond the stomach.

So far, I have tried it and it has done wonders for me. I get a minty taste in my mouth along with fresh breath that nobody is allergic to. I’ve used it for about two weeks and yes it calms my gut and I’m having regular bowels, no constipation or diarrhea.

It’s not cheap but helps with reducing PATM  100% for me. I just have to take one capsule 2 hours before I eat.
Hey can it be linked with corona?
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Tkhankhoje39 I don’t think it can be linked to corona. Corona is contagious and patm doesn’t appear to be contagious. But I’m not sure honestly. Just my thoughts
Contagious means at least others are showing reactions when they r near u. Both r contagious. Bcoz others are catching disease or even dying. I think China has discovered this thing. We knew it years back but world is knowing it now.
I am free from patm since i thought it a psychological disease in 2017. But now corona has given some clue.
Ironic 3 years with patm and no one believed me.  Now everyone scarred of a virus and i dont believe them.     All you see is propaganda in the media as the world bows down.   Guess no one keeps up with the UN.   They told us what they were gunna do.    

Ive told everyone patm has to do with frequencies.  The truth is finally coming to light.    The truth will always take care of you if you take care of her.
That's why we r different. What patmers think others think opposite.
tkhankhoje39 - I don't agree with everything you said but  what I have to agree with you on is this patm condition is a psychological disorder. The reason why I know this is true because once I learned how to control my mindset and started eating normally and living healthy like working out I felt a positive change and most of the weight just lifted off me.  Doing those 3 things only without taking any supplements has helped me tremendously and now I can actually enjoy living life without being paranoid. Now, for me to get to where I am today this didn't happen over night. I had to continuously work hard and remind myself this I will get thru regardless of what obstacles come in way. The hard part is learning how to control your mind because it's easy to get caught up in the reactions and simply blame ourselves for every reactions we see or hear. You have to  understand that reactions are there regardless you have patm or not. Now, do those 3 important things I listed above and you will find out for yourself. The answer is within us I promise. Stay healthy and be safe!!!
Yes it's a psychological thing. During spring season people do get these reactions.
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