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I suffer with PATM and it is ruining my life.I cannot be social other without drinking around them so people will not sneeze,sniffle and rub their eyes.I cannot have a relationship as I cannot be close to anyone or they will react.I have turned into a loner.Going into confined spaces with people has turned into a phobia.On planes people all sneeze around me.I am in the tropics right now so I stay outside as much as I can and make sure I do not stand,sit etc where the wind will carry this airborn whatever I have to people's noses.
Things I have noticed:
1. I sweat alot from stress & menopause (in cold or warm climates)
2. due to sweating I smell (shower 2-3 times a day)
3. thirsty but really thirsty at night
4. people do not sneeze,sniffle when I drink alcohol
5. my nose gets itchy all the time
6. sometimes after drinking alcohol I am itchy,crawly all over
6. I sneeze and blow my nose every day
7. I do have a fruit smoothie with yogurt every day (is yogurt bad for our problem?)
I know it is directly associated ith my sweat which gives off whatever toxins etc as I just got back from my power walk.I stopped to talk to a couple and the wind was blowingt behind me into the couple where the woman started to violently sneeze and sneeze.I just can't stand this,what can we do????
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God Bless you, Hang in there !!!!!  please see the comment i posted today for "hannah090"  you can do this, take one day at a time !!!!!
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Sweat seems like a likely release mechanism but I'm not 100% sure about it because I release this irritant gas regardless of whether I'm sweating or not. It's a tough condition to solve. I can't find any mention of it in the medical literature.

I feel we need a medical laboratory to really make some progress on solving this condition.

You might try avoiding dairy and see if it helps. I've given up sugar and diary, though I can't say it's solved my problem but giving up sugar has definitely helped with my IBS.
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Nobody can help us cos they think we are crazy. But after reviewing this condition further, I don't think it's parasites, in our sweat or anything attributed to bacteria, viruses etc.. I think this has something to do with ions, electrons and protons. I say this because lint is attracted to us, if the lint has a positive charge then We have a negative charge. Also my condition started this year. The only mistakes I made was to drop cat litter all over my bedroom floor, put to much washing powder in the washing machine and wore the clothes, breathed in mr sheen with dust trap technology as was not in a well ventilated room, touched an ivy plant in winter as it was growing over my window then broke the stem which caused the sap to go on my hands this gave me a tingling sensation on mu hand or used oven cleaner without gloves. No one if these is the cause of the problem I think. First if all cat litter has sodium bentonite which clumps the litter not sure what else is in there but sodium bentonite produces a negative charge which attracts toxins to sodium bentonite when wet (becomes like clay!) so this could have got under the skin and when you wash your face the water gets absorbed. I'm saying this because when I feel a sweat coming I get a reaction in between my inner skin and outer skin. It feels like something is burning/warming the skin.. But no sweat comes out. Also on a website they claim sodium bentonite to work up to 95 squared yards so this is why people in another car with windows closed might be reacting. In bright lights I saw a person itching but also could see the allergens flowing around that person. I got a mate to shake his top and the amount of lint that fell off was ridiculous. I sometimes see the fibres on my T-shirt sticking up. So this has something to do with static, electrons, ions or protons. I'm not a scientist but have researched so many topics but none fit except for the above. Like how can somebody itch in another car if it was an airborne parasite, how can someone standing on the other side of the office be itching - must be something to do with the electronic/magnet field we emit. We need a scientist to do some test on us not doctors who don't believe us. If any of you have had any of the above happen to you before you notices the symptoms please respond. I also have noticed when I am near tree's or plants I get this crawling sensation. We need help!!! Also I have noticed when I sit in a car I see loads of small particles coming off my clothes, this happens to the person sitting next to me aswell, so it must be a charge that we are emitting, I don't think this is contagious as when the person goes home they are fine, but when they are around us we make them itch. Only happens to people who have allergies and that's most people. On a positive note I think that we are curing some people of their allergies as some people do not react anymore I think they are building up immunities to dust etc. please post a reply, we can't go on living like this we need someone or an organisation to support us. Help!!!!
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Also check NASA's research in lunar dust and what happens to the dust when the sunlight hits.
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Also check out NASA's research on lunar dust and what happens when sunlight hits the surface.
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Dear fellow PATM sufferers, my name is Christian A. Villa. I too have been on a vigorous search for the cause of this unknown "disease". I've only had this problem for 3months now but it's driven me so insane that I could not stop searching. I had become quite paranoid as I was experiencing all of the symptoms you all are.
After extensive research and testing for multiple diseases, I found nothing. Which lead me to believe that It is not a disease at all. However, I did find that others around me coughed and sneezed more around me when I just finished driving my vehicle or right after leaving my house. After realizing this, I thought that surely the problem was either mold or allergies to my pets , because I live with multiple animals and at one point had a water leak in my home which caused mold growth and bad allergies. So I decided to test this theory. I went out and bought brand new clothes, changed and showered at a friends house,  then went out into the mall to test my theory. I found that the result remained constant and nothing improved about the reactions I got from the people around me. After thinking long and hard , I came to the conclusion that whatever was causing this unique reaction amongst my colleagues had to be something airborne. I had to come in contact with this substance between the time I left my friends house and drove to the mall down the street, which lead me to do some research on my vehicle. I drive a 98 Honda civic LX. It turns out that these vehicles ACTUALLY HAD A RECALL ON THE EXHAUST MANIFOLD BECAUSE THEY KEPT CRACKING. For those of you who don't know about cars, if there is a hole in your exhaust manifold, it puts you at risk for CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING.  Carbon monoxide will actually seep through the hole in the manifold which could eventually be circulated back into your vehicle causing you to have these weird symptoms. After doing more research on carbon monoxide poisoning , I found that carbon monoxide can also be generated from multiple home appliances. in my case, my water heater vent was also clogged up in my home due to mice. This can cause carbon monoxide to build around your water heater. And if your ac unit is near your water heater like mine, carbon monoxide could essentially be taken in through your ac unit and distributed throughout your house.
   now you're probably wondering, how could this cause symptoms of PATM. Well think about it. You're driving in your car, with your windows up and ac on full blast. Having no idea that your exhaust is leaking carbon monoxide, (which by the way is also called the silent killer, due to the fact that it is not visible nor does it have a smell.), very quickly , your airtight vehicle fills with CO and next thing you know you're surrounded by poisonous gas and have no idea. You're in that car for enough time for the poisonous gases to absorb into your clothing. Then you exit the vehicle and socialize. You start noticing the symptoms of PATM. Sneezing , coughing, itching , scratching etc. we begin to get self conscious, never realizing that these symptoms are caused by an allergic reaction to exposure from an almost non-existing poisonous gas.  
I am not 100% sure that this is all of your problem. But I fixed my water heater and exhaust manifold and now I feel great. At first I was leaning more towards some sort of infection , because I am very sexually active. But after much thought. I finally made a breakthrough and now I am 100% healthy.
I encourage all of you to be tested for CO poisoning . And to get CO detectors in your homes and cars. Short term exposure is nothing to be worried of, but log term exposure could lead to anything from heart disease to a coma or maybe even death in some cases.
I really wish you all the best of luck and I hope I finally got this thing figured out. Please reply back with your results.
could be mold in the evaporator, way inside the car's air conditioning...this can't be cleaned, can only replace the whole evaporator...my a/c always smelled like dirty feet when i turned it on and i felt it was constantly re-infecting me...i just traded it in on a new car, partly to get away from the moldy evaporator
Hey just wondering if you're still 100% Symptom free? What caught my attention in this post is the fact that you mentioned mice... I've been suffering with this annoying ******* thing since May 2019 so that's about 6 months now.... and I remember just prior to contracting this there was a dead mouse where I work and I coouldnt find it so I kinda sniffed it out to find where it was, and in trying to find it I might have sniffed a little too hard but ever since then Ive had this. Now im not sure if that has anything to do with it but I would like to know if you are still 100% Cured this many years later?
You sniffed MOLD and it affected your gut microbiome, and  it releases spores now
I suspect my PATM is also mold related, i have no idea how to remove it though.
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I'm 16 and I have been suffering since 6th grade. I found out about PATM not long ago via google for the like 11th time, decided to click the link to this site cause I'm so fed up. It's good to know I'm not alone. I thought there were only like one or two others with this, I bet there's thousands. It's a mad world. I've always figured it was me. I also have misophonia (look it up) it's so hard to cope with but I'm trying. I hope one day someone will speak up about this, there has to be real logical reasoning behind it. Or a cure! I wish. Maybe we're the chosen ones
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JK. We're **** apparently because we have an 'odor' we can't get rid of.
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Firstly I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one suffering from this condition, but also sad and worried that, what seems like a large number of people also suffering from this. I never thought I'd be one too post or express my living Hell but I can't take this anymore, I've had this for 3 years now and it's quite physically and mentally killing me, the sleepless nights of constant itching and scratching, going to work with odd looks, anyone coming close to me they rub their noses and look away, I work in hospitality this is completely and utterly embarrassing, also fear of this being contagious, but I can't quit my Job because I obviously need to afford life. Countless doctors with nothing but, hmmm you must be stressed? scabbies ? , bed bugs? lice ?  Schizophrenic? Delusional parasitosis?  
Countless hours, days, years researching this "Phenomenon"  
Nothing but nonsensical b**L S**T

Apologies for no advice no positivity. But I'm at the end the line. In all cliche suicide is a a recurring thought, but me believing in God and the fear of an  afterlife and sin for suicide is the only thing that's saving me. I'm in a living Hell and in fear.
What a shameful existence.
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Hello AnonS11 I just found this site today. Nice to know I am not alone too. Sorry for such a late reply. I wanted you to know Ive felt like you many times over the last 10 years and it has been shameful. I have been treated badly disrespected at work been the brunt of jokes, my spouse only pretends to believe me and thinks it in my head. In-between those bad days - bad weeks there have been wonderful worth living days. I know it is very hard to see people shun you but not everyone reacts and those people are a blessing. They help me to define who really is my true friend. Since you do believe in God remember these moments when he shows you glimpses of his promised Kingdom when his son rules. Hold on to that hope this life is a tear drop in the ocean. Try eating Flax seed oil and using Palmer coconut lotion everyday to hydrate you skin and keep the itching down it help me a lot but I go through a bottle a week.
Are you me ?  because that what i am thinking what i am God bless you.  
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you found the cure for yourslef because for other who have been carless that isnt a cure
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Clearly it's all to do with our GI System after suffering for many years now.

I noticed something which made it go away temporarily. I was at a party and took some speed out of pressure, it disappeared completely in a room of 60 people, not a single person had any reactions, this was the first time i felt relief of this disease and it felt awesome, even drinking did not help, it probably made it worse.
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     The foundenmental reason of PATM mights to be autoimmune diseases,might ruled by gene HLA gene complex. The HLA gene complex is located on the short arm of the sixth pair of chromosomes, its length is about 4000kb long.Many autoimmune diseases are caused by HLA Genetic variation like AS(ankylosing spondylitis)  Systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE)   Arthritis  IBD  IBS  Crohn's disease  Psoriasis  Scleroderma. Many papers and  Statisti
cal results have proved that the autoimmune diseases are Decided by multiple genes and present certain characteristics of family clustering.The genetic characteristics of desease show high complexity and it is induced by the environment.The principle of autoimmune desease is simple,genetic variation cause inflammatory cell like   T lymphocytel cannot distinguish bacteria from ordinary cells which release a large number of inflammatory factors acts on different organs to cause various forms of disease.when they attack intestine,it cause ibd,then might cause bad body odor and bad Oral smell.when they accumulate in an organ like brain,it might cause brain inflammation.PATM perhaps it's a special phenotype of autoimmune symptoms.
      PATMer might secret a special class of substance like 300 VOCs experimented by Japanese, might also be more complex ,they release allergic mediators mainly caused by extreme lymphoid tissue fluid caused by immune overreaction,The microscopic process of the release process may be complex.
      Some PATMer also state a phenomenon that others cough and vomit are synchronize and instantaneous with their thinking process.The reason might be simple for their Inflammation mainly occurs in the brain,when they think
,the brain becomes active and releases a lot of hormones,which cause the release of allergens.So the statement of electromagnetic wave is more likely to be a mistake of subjective experience.This PATMers may have relatives with brain disease for genetic family clustering.
      A way to alleviate symptoms of PATM might be resist inflammation,We might can restrain inflammation by eating more foods that contain anti-inflammatory agents like Tomato,broccoli,Grape seed extraction,Astaxanthin£¬q10.Many experiments have proved that oxidative stress is an important cause of body inflammation,so we can reduce intake omega6 food and increse intake omega3 food.Many papers also prove that probiotics play an important role in improving intestinal tract and secreting inhibitory anti-inflammatory factors.
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take omega3, fruits and vegetables antioxidant, do a little bit of exercices and try to find what is causing you stress anxiety
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I also have been went through patm for months and the solution for me is trying to take a lot of probiotics, drink a healthy water and never skip a meal ... after 3 weeks the patm started to lose its effect
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To people going through PATM,try to take a lot of probiotics,drink lot of clean warm water and eat healthy a lot .. I hope this answer help u guys because it seems the effects of my patm started to lose its effects after 3 weeks(people still sneeze when I talked but there is no anymore a cough sounds).I believe the patm was actually a bad gas that was released from our stomach and we need to care for it.Hope this help u.
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I have the same symptoms you have. Why are you at the tropics? The hot weather is better than the cold weather for this problem from my experience. I live in mexico but I used to live in the usa.  In the usa the disorder began when I went to eat at a burger restaurant and then a few hours later I felt like puking but I refused to vomit so I laid back to go to sleep in my bed thats when it happened the vomit was forced into the intestines and then I became constipated and developed a distention in my abdomen. Then air borne bacteria would emit from my anus and people would sneeze . thats were i stand. But i can reduce the bacteria thru fasting and good clean diet. I can reduce the bad smell and sweats in anal region. I wish you well i tried medicines but they dont help or make good changes. I have a problem you see the fbi and cia are observing me or carefully watching me trying to put me in jail. They got mad about it. Can you tell me anything regarding that. Im not a paranoid person im in my right mind. I cant find a reasonable explanation to why they would persecute me. I take it one day at a time but its been over 10 yrs and they wont let up they want me buried. Ok take care my friend.
He who has a psychological problem such as delusional paranoid delirium, etc., and is advanced, this, it is difficult for one to notice unless a third party or with deep reasoning at some point is aware and from there goes to the It cures since it recognizes its problem, it is like anyone, for example drugs, you succumb to consumption until sometimes you realize and get out of that problem or your family members take you to the psychologist and other therapies and you realize then you make the decision to quitting drugs or not, any advanced psychological problem is similar, those who have advanced problems will not recognize the problem they have ............ That is why there are asylums and other psychologists .....But still, I can't tell you whether or not he's real about the persecution. I hope you get well.
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