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Patm and hair loss?

Has anyone been losing their hair? I’ve noticed that I have been losing my hair and I’m not sure if it’s tied to PATM. I’ve always had thick hair but I seem to be losing hair from the right side of my hair as opposed to the left. I have been taking supplements and it has been growing back but I still see a lot of hair shedding. It’s so weird that one side of hair is thicker than the other side. I am slightly anemic and I take Iron for it..has anyone ever gotten a blood transfusion with PATM? I remember someone from this site had said that blood transfusion was the cure. And I’ve never seen the person come back on the site. Not sure if she goes by under another screen name or if she really in fact was cured.
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I too have seen people lose hair because of the patm i suffer from . i think you and i have similar bugs. Can you tell me when and how your patm started. Mine started when one day i ate so much i wanted to vomit but i didnt so i became constipated so extreme i could of died but i got it out then this bug that causes bloating constipation vomiting diarea and attacks the digestive organs formed and emmits from my anus it is like a pollen it floats with air and finds entry into other people or animals. I cause the same symptoms to animals. And i worked in a hog farm because i wanted to hide my b.o. but the pigs got sicker than **** and they had to kill them or theyd die too and many.
I used to see my hairs in bathstub i had oily skin during the  first 3 years of patm.
The bug is using fecal matter to feed and the only way to stop it it is a healthy diet
The bug loves yeast, sugar, refine flours, almost all man made food
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Hmmm, Blood transfusion That is really interesting.
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