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Patm and tmau

Please, help. First I want to express my happiness that after so many years I at least found an answer to the question that somnoi is happening. I do not speak English in English. I made the translation. When I was 15, I began to notice that people avoided me. Scales, rub your nose. Wherever I go everywhere is a similar picture. Time passed but the problem remained. My relatives used to say that I'm crazy that I do not smell. I could not understand why my family did not smell, but there were outhouses on the street, everyone touched my nose. Every day I took a shower. I look after myself. But alas from me probably emits an unpleasant smell as people beat me. It's been 10 years since this nightmare began. Where only I did not go. Doctors believe that I need to treat my head. They also do not smell. By the way, I myself do not smell. I got married moved to turkey.married 5 yeart.also do not feel. Here I came across a site where a Russian young man gave me the address of PATM. After reading, I understand I think I, too, belong to PATM. But still there is TMAU. tell me what is the difference between PATM and Tmau. Please reply :(
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We don't know a whole lot yet, but preliminary research by Dr. Yoshika Sekine seems to suggest that PATM involves the release of some kind of gas from the skin, breath, and bodily fluids. TMAU also involves the release of a gas (trimethylamine) from the body, so its mechanism of action is similar to PATM, but PATM might be a different kind of gas (perhaps an odorless gas, but nonetheless offensive).

Both PATM and TMAU can likely be caused by intestinal issues. Research by Dr. Irene Gabashvili suggests that PATM might be related to increased intestinal permeability (i.e., leaky gut), so various digestive by-products might be infiltrating the bloodstream and escaping on our breath, sweat, urine, etc. The acquired, non-genetic form of TMAU is also sometimes caused by intestinal issues such as gut dysbiosis, as well as kidney or liver damage. The genetic form of TMAU implies that the liver cannot adequately oxidize trimethylamine because of a deficiency in the FMO3 enzyme pathway.

It seems likely that PATM and TMAU both belong to a class of systemic body odor disorders, in which our metabolism produces atypical gases or atypical amounts of normal gases (like trimethylamine). PATM might just be a different kind of gas from TMAU.
Thank you very much for having responded. I found your patm group recently. At once has gone to the endocrinologist where I am flied or treated. Of course, and she like all my relatives did not believe me and said that she would poison me to the psychologist because the tests were in order. I threw her to the post about patm. When we came to her with her mother-in-law, she even corrected the petition :) that she did not know about this illness. She was shocked to read all your comments. Said that we are all strong people if we live with it for years. This is an endocrinologist in Turkey, a very famous endocrinologist, a professor of knowledge. Forgive esteli I write with errors in English, I pass through google. To my happiness the husband even if does not believe supports me. The endocrinologist having read the article said will start working on this. I also probably read a hundred times. But do it. People do not cough or sneeze. And just hold your nose or rub your nose where I would not be. I used to hear from some that stinks from me. About tmau in general they write that it is the fish smell's core that is not curable. What do you think about this? The endocrinologist wrote to me based on the article patm. Here the young man wrote and described in what way he cured the patm. 1.ona wrote me an antidepressant. They say stress has a big role. 2. the methanomasilii probiotic of the luminyensis cocus for the intestine. 3.pankreoflat. 4.vitamin D. P analysis revealed that there is a deficiency in vitamin D. What do you think about it. ?? I repeat for 10 years I did not see that people were coughing. With my presence, my nose is scratched.

It looks like the probiotic methanomassiliicoccus luminyensis B10 is promising for decreasing trimethylamine in the gut, but I don't know when it will be commercially available to the public.

Many people report success with digestive enzymes such as Pankreoflat, so they might be worth trying. Some research suggests that systemic body problems might be related to deficiencies in certain enzyme pathways in the gut, and supplemental enzymes might help counteract this deficiency a little bit.

My vitamin D levels are within the normal range, yet my PATM is still pretty bad, so I don't think vitamin D has a direct influence on PATM or TMAU (but if you have a deficiency in vitamin D, it might be worth supplementing it). Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is often recommended for TMAU. Cold-pressed olive oil is also good for TMAU because it contains 3,3-Dimethyl-1-butanol (DMB), which crowds out TMA in the gut.

If your doctor feels that antidepressants could help you, then I would follow his/her advice. I would ask your doctor, however, if any prescribed antidepressants are potentially hepatotoxic, and if they are, maybe ask for a safer alternative. I took Mirtazapine once and my liver enzymes dramatically increased. I've found SAM-e to be a surprisingly effective antidepressant, and it is also beneficial for the liver (I don't know about Turkey, but some European countries offer SAM-e as a prescription for depression).

The genetic form of TMAU is incurable, but hopefully it can be managed by dietary changes. There is a lot of research in the pipeline on drugs that could reduce TMA in the gut (since TMA is also a risk factor for atherosclerosis, which attracts a lot more medical attention). There have also been anecdotal reports of the secondary, acquired form of TMAU being cured completely by interventions ranging from fecal transplants to water-fasting, so there's always hope.
Hey PATMsufferer.SAM-e is related to the process methylation in the body which is very important process.Some people here including me believe that is the main reason for PATM-methylation deficiency or low methylation or MTHFR gene mutation.Also SAM-e take place in the process of synthesis of DNA.And low methylation means high histamine in the body and leads to psychological problems.And the symptomps  of candida(mold,mycotoxins) overgrowth and methylation deficiency are exactly the same.
Methylation might have a role to play in the PATM puzzle (especially since it's so important for detoxification), but let me just report here for the record that my PATM hasn't yet been reduced by any attempts to optimize methylation, including taking (for over 2 years) the B vitamins with the methylated forms of B2, B6, B9 (methylfolate), and B12 (methylcobalamin), coupled with taking (for several months) TMG, SAM-e, undenatured whey protein, R-alpha lipoic acid, selenomethionine, zinc, vitamins A, C, D, E, etc., etc., etc...
My PATM symptoms are still as bad as
shown in my Youtube videos.

I think all of these supplements have improved my health and productivity, but PATM has still been there throughout all of the months, and sometimes even years, of supplementing the methylation process. My diet has also been very healthy ever since I developed PATM 4 years ago.

If PATM were associated with methylation problems, hyperhomocysteinemia, the MTHFR gene mutation, or something similar, it would probably have been discovered by now. Intestinal dysbiosis and/or leaky gut are my preferred candidates for PATM because they are much more complicated issues both to define and to treat, which might explain why doctors don't take them very seriously or do much research on them. In the publish-or-perish world of academia, few people are willing to waste precious time on exploratory research with hard-to-define concepts.  

About candida: I've had 3 stool tests looking for candida overgrowth, and they've all come back negative. My colonoscopy didn't show any evidence of candida either, so I don't think candida is the source of PATM (it might help create the conditions for PATM to develop, e.g., by disturbing the intestinal ecosystem and changing the distribution of good and harmful bacteria, but I don't think it's candida per se that causes PATM).
People who have taken often antibiotics before definitely have-it's not candida but it's mycotoxins or mold-some species like aflatoxin and aspergillus.For me it''s definitely related to damaged gut flora,leaky gut but I think when we support methylation that inhibit the toxins in the guts.
And what do you think about that-people who are on candida diet and PATM free now when they begin to eat sugar and milk PAtM come back.There is something besides that.
I suppose intestinal bacteria could convert sugar and milk into gas(es) that cause PATM or TMAU. The intestinal ecosystem is incredibly hard to predict. Equations like "sugar = candida overgrowth" are usually too simplistic. If a person eats excessive amounts of sugar and notices an increase in PATM symptoms, the conclusion that the sugar triggered a candida flare-up isn't a necessary one (it might not be wrong, either, but there are too many other variables going on to tell for sure).

Some people might have a bona fide candida overgrowth, and maybe they can reduce PATM reactions by starving this overgrowth and preventing it from releasing toxins. Then when they reintroduce fuel for the fungal overgrowth, it starts right back up where it left off. That could happen, I suppose, but I have no reason to suspect an intestinal candida overgrowth like that as the cause of my PATM.
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I forgot to write. The endocrinologist has corrected the dietician to read group patm and to close up the list that I can eat and what is not present. And has told or said should drink kefir. What do you think about this? I'm already tired of avoiding people. I think they think that I dirty some time I do not smell good
I've heard that good kefir can have hundreds of billions of probiotics in it, so it's as good, if not better, than a lot of expensive probiotic supplements out there. However, kefir (like pretty much all dairy products) also has a lot of choline in it, so it could increase TMA in the gut. It's best to see how your body responds to probiotic-rich foods like kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, etc.
Kefir I cook at home. From the night I leave in the morning to drink

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How long is pathetic patm? Prior to this, the issue was raised in the Russian site. But people do not understand that take it off. This site patm me sent a boy from Russia said that he healed the patm and advised me. Here on the 3.4 page people write that got rid of. My doctor wrote me a medicine based on this, since she herself does not know about patm either. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/People-Allergic-to-Me-PATM/am579-cured-from-allergies-PATM-in-2011/show/2970192. methanomasilii probiotic of the luminyensis cocus yes so far we can not find.  still does not find she said any probiotic that contains methanomasilii probiotic of the luminyensis cocus. Antidepressant, I think necessarily. I noticed that when I worry, the smell worsens. Hope how patm affects people. Umenja wipe constantly a nose a throat. But do not cough.
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Hi Yuliya
Welcome to the world of unanswered questions :)

I've been a victim to both TMAU and PATM for over 30 years now. Thanks for sharing about the "methanomasilii probiotic" which i never heard of till now. Will look into it.

Since you say people dont cough or sneeze around you, perhaps its just the tmau smell which is more inclined towards bromhidrosis. I had temporary relief after anticholinergics which stops the sweat glands in the body. Does your smell pass through glass and car windows?
Yes, no, I did not notice that the smell even through the glass can feel. But when I go to a cafe, for example, I see that they cover their noses. Toles cover the roofing felt. I once did not forget the summer was in the store. Workers of the store began to spray a freshener. I then thought that I ate. I remember eating smoked fish. But I'm still repeating people do not cough in my presence and just close or scratch my nose. I wonder what I smell? : (((... I do not feel the smell, and my relatives too.) They say that I always smell fresh. http://www.medhelp.org/posts/People-Allergic-to-Me-PATM/am579-cured- from-allergies -PATM-in-2011 / show / 2970192 did you read here?
Do your relatives feel your smell?

The Bad Smell does not pass through the glass

Have you already asked people on the street? I know what they will answer if you have PATM, but for sure you should ask, I already lost the account when it passes to more than 500 people asking ...
Have this patm what they will answer? I for 10 years did not dare to ask people. But my relatives say that I do not stink. For example, we will go somewhere with my mother-in-law, I see that my smell does not interfere with her as she is a straight man, but I see that some people smell my smell ont and close  nose. I immediately at her asking she says no I do not smell. she would have told me.

If you get into a room with fish smell, this will eventually be something natural and you will not notice that the room smells of fish. Now that's why it's important that you ask people outside of you, trusted people in the store or any other place that is not in your environment. Sometimes I do not understand how it could be that having PATM and being aware of it have not asked for so many years, I just noticed that I had this started asking my friends, my family, in the street like crazy, if like crazy, some when I asked them they laughed, I visited different doctors and none of them noticed my smell. That's why I tell you that it is important that you ask ... ... Because of what you said you also feel that it pierces windows and thin walls, that makes me uncertain since it is "illogical", the same thing happens to you.
What's the difference than I stink in total I stink. It is necessary to eliminate the smell

How to reduce odor. I started a diet. I will cleanse the body. I will take an antidepressant and probiotics. I will not eat milk, sweet.
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hi yuliya, I am glad you are in Turkey. i live in turkey too. i had the same things as you experienced.

there i explained how i got rid of it. for making it easy for you. i think first just buy resveratrol  and grape seed extract pills. take these one in the morning one at night. you can ask me in turkish if it is better for you. i want you all get rid of this sickness. my heart is with you all.
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This was my post:

Hello, i registered this website only to write this and help others who are suffering from PATM.
A little bit about me. i suffer from Patm for more than 2 years. i was graduated from my university as top student, i was social and my life was beautiful till i started to make people have extreme cough, sneeze and such terrible disturbance. believe me it was so bad that i stopped going out, traveling by metro and buses were total nightmare as you can guess. I noticed i had 100% relief. (i wanna knock the wood, i hope it continues)
What i did was a combination of many i guess. First of all long time ago i stopped eating sugar, chocolates many other things. still i continue this diet for fear but to be honest even i dont eat anything i had extreme PATM.
what i do daily. it may seem too much but it is actually a few pills and the prize is precious as you can guess.
1. thing in the morning before breakfast i take  one capsule Psyllium Husks Fibre. one Grapeseed Extract cap. and one Resveratrol capsule.

2. I have very light breakfast and after that i take 2 or 3 Betaine HCL with pepsin.
(and one COenzyme but i dont know if it helps too because before others i was taking only coenzyme and probiotics it was helpful but not that much!!!)

3. WHENEVER I eat something heavy (not when i eat something very light- not after a snack) I immediately take one digestive enzyme pill, and 2-3 Betaine HCL pepsin pills.

4. At night, before having dinner i again take the pills i take in the morning, one Psyllium Husks Fibre. one Grapeseed Extract pill and one Resveratrol pill.

by the way since i have sinusitis all my life, i put one drop to each nostril something herbal, a kind of oil (i dont know the ingredients to be honest) i bought from herbal store.

it is a bit money consuming but hell worth as you all know :)) I am extremely happy now and of course i am afraid that it may come back again one day. so far incredible feeling, like i am reborn :)))
I wish all of you out there will get rid of this sickness and go back to your lives again. Try it and please spread it, post your experience too so that people like us can benefit too.
Hello what is your diet?
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Hello im from Germany and My english is so bad can we Talk in turkish have you a E-Mail for me
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