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Patm journey

Its been 8 years for me now with patm. I had been constipated since childhood. Around age 22 filling fell off tooth.Around age 25 I got tonsillectomy for bad breath that may have been caused by that naxious tooth. Turned out I had tonsil stones. Also at age 25 I got the Essure procedure which was a type of metal tube that blocked the fallopian tube to block pregnancy. Couple yars later I realized my constipation wasnt normal and staterted taking total body cleanse. Helped clean me out and left t alone for years.

Right after these procedures at age 25, I developed patm, because of my experience with that bad tooth, for many years I contributed patm to mouth issues (I somewhat syill do , I ll explain later).
People get tickled throat cough, sneeze, rub nose, itchy eye, watery eye, itch face . Instead of the fecal rotten egg smell from tonsils and stones, I came down with a differnt smell more garbage, sewage type. Sow now I have patm and an obvious smell. I have lived with both now since then and Im going on 34.

In my early 20s before any of this In the dental office they would test pocket depth and mentioned a couple bad back gums. From the front my teeth look perfect. Through the years i developed a severly coated tongue, that I go through severe measures to remove. I left that dental office and havnt been able to get one person since admit that I may be on my way to gum disease. I blamed even patm on my low case gingivitis because :
1 whenever I got my teeth cleaned i diminished most of the time except twice, which I believe they cant go deep enough, You neeed $600 for a deep cleaning and sclaling
2. WHenever I was able to remove tongue coating it also diminished . I did this with acid, either by sucking pineapple or performing facial peel on tongue with salicylic acid.

The question is where is this toxic tongue coating come from, A.between teeth or B. intestine issue
Has anyone else noticed teeeth cleanings reduce reactions?

Now I can feel the toxic cloud rise up out of me sometimes, especially if I get stressed or enter social situations. I have aspergers and ocd, could it be histamine?

Parasite cleansing helped get rid of lots of stuff last winter and it helped bith odor and patm, but Im not cured. There are levels of intensity

Gastro doc was mean after I showed him what I discovered about parasites, no help there,
Blood specialist was very nice, said he commended my efforts but in his his 35 years hes never treated odor or patm, said my blood tests were normal to get transfuaion, but I now realize:

We need money to solve this, I got home and looked at my blood work, its very basic, Im going to need money to get even a comprehensive blood panel, There are toxicity tests, SIBO home test, complete metabolic panel test, lyme disease (which is highky related to the parasites) comprehensive stool analysis, stool toxin and microbiology tests, metal test. These tests are out there, but we need the money. Genova, accessalab, quest diagnostics, Ubiome. They have the test we need.

Who has been tested for SIBO or toxicities, or pathogens,

My son constantly sneezes and my other one has hurtful eyes around me
Copper clorophylin helps some
This *****
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Because my gastro doc was so mean, I got referal to U of M gastro departent early september. Im hoping they will test or treat for SIBO or dysbiosis.Next step is the $600 tooth cleaning, then those test one by one, starting with SIBO if i have no luck at University.
I am improved this year for ths first time in years, I can only contibute it toparasite cleansing, colon hydrotherapy sessions and copper clorophylin. Brand named metamucil is great for helping poo and grabbing some worms from tract
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My gp does not deny my patm, which is why she is giving me the referals, but this is state insurance, Im not going to get far with it.
Just curious what type of doctor did she refer u to? and does she believe you?
hematologist at cancer center. gastroenterologist
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There are things like live blood analysis, or oxygenating blood. ALso when I parasite cleansed it woke things up and you could feel things in ear and nose more. In malaysia they perfomr something called rokok resdung, where they insert herb smoke into the nostril ear and over face to remove maggots and larvae. WHat if thats the cause of patm
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Was drinking a lot of coffee when it started
I was living on coffee too at the time it came about
Me too, if this is systemic Candida, that would make sense. I just found this online. "Importantly, coffee also weakens your immune system response, which drops your defenses against Candidao vergrowth. Secondly, caffeine also causes spikes in your blood sugar that feed the Candida overgrowth. A 2008 study found that caffeine increased glucose levels in the blood by as much as eight percent.

Also, drinking a lot of coffee is a sign that you're not getting enough sleep which also has a negative effect on your immune system.
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I think I can save you some money...

Don't bother with SIBO (I tested for it at Cedars-Sinai and was positive)...even if you have it, the "cure" will not help the PATM (cure being a very expensive antibiotic called Xifaximin).   Wasted money, knowing you have SIBO does zero to help your cause (although it does suggest bacterial source for PATM, but what bacteria?  Doctors can't tell you what bacteria it is...)

You may want to invest in getting tested for TMAU (I tested for this through Cleveland Clinic)...this is helpful because TMA is an actual gas, I theorize that it is highly alkaline, like oven cleaner.  It is not too expensive and you will feel some victory in knowing that there is an actual reason for people's reactions.

You may also want to invest in getting a DNA-level comprehensive stool analysis, the PCR one.  This is alittle more money than the TMAU test, but also worth it.  It revealed that I had a grade 5 (highest) level of fungal infection, although it could not identify what type.  I truly believe PATM is a combination of bacterial and fungal infection.  

A cheap blood test is ammonia...I also tested high for this (ammonia is alkaline and may also be contributing to the PATM reactions along with the TMA gas).  

None of this will cure you, but you will feel more satisfaction in knowing possible causes without wasting your money on tests that will not reveal anything (usual tests such as blood work, xrays, etc.)
what were your results of SIBO and TMAU? Were you treated for fungal infection? with what? Iv wondered about nasal fungus, or scalp. Are you better at all. SOme days are better than others, SOme days theres is an interal smell and sometimes not
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bugs folow me, dogs in neighborhood bak as soon as istep outside even though they cant see me
hair smells bad
Cows and pigs sneeze around me.   My neighbors say they have never seen this before.   I am also followed by rosters around my property.   We've lived around these animals for 9 years and this is the 1st summer this has happened.  
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