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Patm ruining my life..

Hi patmers, im sorry but i finally decide just to end my life for good. How do i live with this?? I lost friends, i lost jobs, i lost everything i had. Right now, im in bed cos i cant even go out just because of this patm sh*t. I cry everyday, the worst thing is i dont have money to try suprements that are being suggested here. I ask God everyday why i have to sufer like this. 9 years i had this, and some people had this for 20+ yrs, and still we cant find an instant cure?? Friends im tired, patm changed me completly. Was a guy with big dreams, cute and loved. But now, i dnt have any hope, i cant study anymore. My family dont love me anymore, friends if they see me they hides, cant find or hold a relationship not even a job. Ou lord, why this? Patm is worse thn aids im telling. Im not trying to discourage you guys, but for me, i suffred inough cos honestly, i dnt think we are near geting that cure. Be strong guys, keep fighting it. I give up
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Don't give up man.  I know this is extremely difficult and hard to deal with and it feels like we are cursed.  Just do your best to deal with it, that's all we can do.  Know there are others like you that are fighting this extremely difficult battle.  Hopefully one day this will be acknowledge by the medical community.
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NEVER GIVE UP and get out and don't let this patm win.  There are a lot of things you can still do.   You can do it.  
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Where are you located?  I'm sure there's someone on this forum who lives in your location.  You can meet up with that person so you can have someone to talk to.  As for not being able to afford supplements, why don't you set up a page on GoFundMe asking people to send you money for the cost?  People have received money on there for a lot bigger things.  Please do not take drastic measures, I was able to get rid of my PATM and you can too, or at least make it unnoticeable.
How did you get rid of it?
Using Brown Rice Protein Powder, Saccharomyces Boulardii, Oxy Powder, and Candida Support (Candida Cleanse is probably a better antifungal).  You can read about my experience here:  http://www.medhelp.org/posts/People-Allergic-to-Me-PATM/The-PATM-Cure-is-Here/show/2850482
Where canwe purchase thses items..online. im tryi g candida cleansing but nobody heard of oxy powder
You purchase all three of them at Amazon.com.  You can also get Oxy Powder from the Global Healing Center website.
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Where are you located?
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Lord know I wand to but I got family for supprt n grandchildren. Look for a support buddy.
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Thnks you all guys, but this thing realy is killing me inside out. And it seems like im just alone, ive never find anybody closer whom i can talk to with similar problem.How do i motivate people to fund, people will only think you just want money, i doubt if there is somebody who gona help me. Guys im a namibian, country situated next to south africa. But ive never heard anybody with this problem here, i think not evn in africa. Hopeful thanks that you overcome this, you such a brave. I wish you have left overs in your suplements to send me. I cry every day, i pray. Im not myself anymore, i used to be strong but i honestly give up now. If somebody can help with just a litle bit, although not money, just a humper of suprements, i will apreciate with all my heart. Thanks Good people.
Painkiller brother, I live in south africa, port elizabeth to be specific.
excuse the duplicate
I live in South Africa too,  KZN..
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Painkiller brother, I live in south africa, port elizabeth to be specific. I sent you a message and replied further down this thread. Get back to me buddy
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I just did bra, and thanks cos I felt so alone. How about we create a whatsup group also where we can discuss more things about this patm ladies n gentlemen? But lets not kill this forum, it contains lots of relevant information. You can add me patm sufferers, and strictly only to discuss about patm only. Cos I know there are also those that trying to get advantages of us. Here is my number incase one wana add me, +264 81 4541982
sure painkiller will create a group sometime today. I pray your day goes well. Cheers boet
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Sure thanks pogo, I'm looking forward to that. And I would love to encourage  all that wana be part of the group to come on board, but lets not stop posting on this thread, this thread contains more relevant information. Special thanks to painful1234 and co who have been on here since day one. Its because of them I sometimes feel hopeful. Their effort realy motivate me, I had bad days that I even thinks of just end my life, but tht words do help.
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