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Please tell me your point of view

Regarding those few points : (I contracted PATM one year ago and I steel have questions regarding it).

1) Are you able to think / have any kind of reflexion ? (Me not that’s why I believe people do make those noises / sneeze)

2) Do you have credits into the eyes ?

3) I think that we were forecasted to have this from our birth and it happens when we become adults : We where not conceptualized to become adults.

By the way I live near Paris so if any one of you does too please let me know.

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'we were born this way... Etc'
I sometimes find myself thinking this way but with logic reasoning it can't be true.
I believe we all have memory but that memory has dewired with us. We have too much obsession and anxiety and constantly on the lookout for confirmation of our smell... Hence the reactions....I know I have social anxiety before, during, after patm reactions... Its like patm has inbred into our personality. For me I was a normal child BUT only OCD was the unormal thing about me. OCD is purely mind...
Ocd is not purely mind.  My 9 year old child developed ocd and tics. At the SAME time i contracted patm.  It took 2 years any many doctors before being diagnosed with PANDAp.   His ocd and tics are caused by parasites
Did anything traumatic happen around the time you two.develooed symptoms
"If physical symptoms are mistaken for spiritual symptoms and the individual tries to combat them by mental means year after year. He is liable to wake up some day in too advanced a case of physical sickness to hope for recovery"  -Manly P. Hall

What patmers have is a physical problem.  It can be located in the brane, but it is a bacteria/parasite/fungus/ect. For sure.

Traumatic... no. Life was great.  Christmas day  on venice beach. I fell deathly ill for 24hrs. With what i thought was food poisoning. When it was over patm was here
Patm is a combination of dysbiosis, candida and depending on severity you can pass it to your partner when sweating she will be scratching her itching skin.
This thing can be corrected with selecting foods you put in your mouth so diet wont work, you must select what foods are good to you.
It takes month to years, no need antibiotics, no antifungal or optional
This is if you have white coated tongue
I have a white coated tongue even though I hydrate all the time.
Also, in your guys' opinion is it just we make people allergic or do we stink?
You can drink oceans of water and your coated tongue the same.
  In most cases white coated tongue is a symptom of fungus and it could be all over your digestive system,  as the white coated tongue desappear your patm desappear too.
The only cure is selecting foods that not feeds it and it takes several month to year depending how severe and time you have it.
Just think how hard it is crackers even healthy feeds it.
Just the juice of 1 apple feeds it yeah it sounds crazy but it is what is
People making diet failed because they still making small mistakes
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I can think...but its not always clear because of the obsession, anxiety and depression that hinders my mind/thinking.
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What do you mean by credits to the eyes?
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I will get acquainted with a girl under 30 with a similar disease, it’s easier for two, write me kiril.***@****
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