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My sweat did not smell before around my rectum area it does now even when i poop perfect complete evacuations and solidity.  If its internal what could it be that the outside wind takes the scent and the scent causes people to sneeze itt will then make them ill with diarrea vomiting fevers what could it be only thru air it also constipates them. Kind of like patm. Also if i dont sleep right the scent with its airborne pathoghen will increase in pathoghen not bad smell that will just a little. Any ideas or suggestions .
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Idk try using wipes
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PATM has nothing to do with rectum or poop my friend. You can take a bath with mixtures of antiseptics to kill any pathogen around the body and it still wouldn’t change anything. PATM is most likely an airborne toxin which is released from our breath and sweat (doesn’t have to be around the anus). The PATM toxin itself is odorless which is why it has taken us so long to pin down but it can be accompanied by other odor compound. How do we know this? Two obvious reasons. Doctors can’t smell them despite giving the appearance that people can smell them quickly. Patmers report that it’s either odorless or have odors. It implies the toxins responsible for patm can be accompanied with or without odor compounds. If there’s tens of thousands of rogue compounds oozing out of a leakygut, surely some compound will be odorless and others that the nose can pick up.

Try this to prove to yourself. Go and take a swim in a public swimming pool. Keep your whole body below the water with head sticking out. The water is sanitized with a form of chlorine so anything around your anus will be eliminated. You’ll see people will start to sneeze and cough within minutes regardless that your body is underwater.
There are so many things that you can take to make you poop odorless but patm will still exist. That is because patm itself is an odorless toxin. I’ve tried them all.

The human nose can only detect some things; it can’t smell a majority of all possible airborne molecules in the planet because it’s based on the limited scent receptors on the nose. I think there’s roughly about 400 scent receptors but it can smell so many chemicals with it. It is possible that a small portion and I mean something like one hundred people out of the 7 billion on earth that can actually smell PATM itself. And it wouldn’t have to be an unpleasant smell at all despite making people allergic.
Testosterone and many of its precursors have some similarities to what causes PATM. For instance, some women can smell it and others can’t. What’s funny about this is they all respond to it almost unconsciously regardless if they smell it or not. Most women at their fertility peak will find themselves sexually turned on near someone with high level of these compounds. This is why companies advertise pheromones as a good product in increasing your scoring odds. There’s pheromones for women and men. But they also cause some form of allergies. I have friends who use it tell me they can almost have an asthma-like attack, other than sneezing, running nose, if it’s too much… and weird still, although their potential partner may be drawn to it, they can sometimes cough or sneeze too.

A friend of mine who’s a Master student, suggested that he thinks it could be pheromones. I thought about it for a while but it didn’t make sense since pheromones should never be affected by what we eat, antibiotics, probiotics, and besides, MeBO would have found this red flag very quickly.
MeBo would have detected the presence of testosterone, androgens, etc? One of the theories I've always pondered was that PATM was related to pheromones, but the information is so limited. There's that newspaper article from the U.K, which I've shared previously that described a man who was "allergic" to his girlfriend on her period; so it would seem sex hormones can cause some allergic type reaction.
Yes, MeBO scientists would have detected it very easily for many reasons. Male hormones always show obvious visual signs. Agree, some sex hormones can make allergic reactions so it passes that test but it fails almost everything else we observe. That’s the problem.
How so? Low glycemic diets significantly reduce the levels of free androgens.

w w w.mdpi.com/1422-0067/18/5/1070/htm

And androgenous odors are often perceived to be "musky" in scent.

w w w.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Bhutta%20MM%5BAuthor%5D&cauthor=true&cauthor_uid=17541097

Women respond differently to pheromones based on menstrual cycle, and men's reaction is often based on testosterone levels and perceived competitiveness; not everyone responds the same way.

w w w.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2090123211000397
Hey there @da16424, I’m not sure exactly what you mean but I’ll just explain what I think you’re referring to. Pheromones and hormones aren’t the same thing. Also, female and male hormones and female and male pheromones are not the same either. PATM exist for both women and men despite our differences on the above.

If you are referring to an over concentrated sex hormone, they usually show visual signs on the body months before a doctor takes blood samples for tests.

“And androgenous odors are often perceived to be "musky" in scent.”

Yes, it’s one of the of precursors on many chemical pathways you’d have to memorize in early freshman biology semesters. It’s a steroidal hormone and normally starts out as cholesterol and at the beginning of its chemical pathway. This is why athletes on steroid always die with cardiovascular problems as cholesterol elevates. If you noticed, many great athletes die young because of cardiovascular problems which begs the question shouldn’t exercise make us healthier and stronger? It should but modern athletes use steroid all the time.

Before androgen or any male hormone heightens, several weeks and months before you’d show some signs of extreme aggressiveness, hairy, a sense of wellbeing & happiness but easily angered or aggressiveness to an opponent, increase sexual arousal, elongated penis or clit will grow into almost a mini-penis, deeper voice and remarkable muscularity. Within a few months you’d grow into a Brock Lesnar. These are signs that no one can miss before a blood test is ever proposed.

Concerning female sex hormones, it’s the opposite effect i.e. squeaky voice, breast, increased feminity etc.

If male sex hormones were the problem we should have either the above two characteristics or we should see bodybuilders, strongmen, wrestlers, weightlifters with this problem more often but it’s not the case.
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What could it be microbe bacteria etc. It hurts goats it constipates them and they faint. They look odd from being backed up so much. brand new full heards by the next few days they start pooping like large dogs shaped.

I will share that during the john kerry against george bush election . teresa heinz which is john kerrys wife came to my hometown of clear lake iowa and she caught the microbe in the scent during her speech she went to mason city hospital and got clear and she then insisted she wanted answers.
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