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Some sex hormones are known to cause allergies exactly like PATM

The question about what kind of organic volatile compound can trigger allergic reaction on people but still produced in the body, has been asked so many times and used as a mockery against PATM. But do we really know of anything like that in real life? Any examples of this happening in real life?

YES! It appears that some sex hormones do the same thing as the unknown compound for PATM. On the link below are real scientifically tested pheromones that works. It increases people’s sex appeal. Among the ingredients are real hormones for either male or female pheromone products.

For instance, the male pheromone product has androgen among the hormone mix. While hormones and pheromones have different purposes, it seems there’s a cross here. https://www.athenainstitute.com/

But that’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is, this compound solution is ODORLESS and cost around $100 USD per bottle. It’s a tiny bottle that you can mix with your favorite perfume. Evidence among users show, a slight overdose, which is probably 1 more droplets, can cause serious allergic reactions (irritating & nose rubbing, coughing, sneezing, slight agitation, difficulty breathing and flulike symptoms), especially on the person with the applied pheromone perfume. Sometimes it makes the air extremely unbreathable and heavy for the user and surrounding friends, supposedly if they’re in a party. They’ll feel sexually aroused but at the same time feel agitated in breathing and would occasionally clear their throats, regardless if there’s an overdose.

Just head out to the website above and buy one, and check for yourself. Various friends of mine have reported weirder things than this.

What’s interesting is that countless critics of PATM has claimed PATM is downright impossible but here we have one example in real life, that an internal body volatile compound is capable of doing this, exactly PATM. On the website above, they say to keep the bottle air tight because it’s extremely volatile (evaporates easily into the air), and only use the product, something like once a week, and I believe it’s because of the allergic reactions.

Thank God for MeBO researchers because if it wasn’t for them, ignorant critics would have continued to troll us.
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What’s freaky about this? Even though guys have androgen, testosterone and a cluster of other male hormones, extracting them and using to fill the air causes allergies on people. I assume it's the same with some female sex hormones or maybe not. This is entirely unexpected. The real question is; how many human or organic compounds are capable of doing this?
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