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Sound, not odor?!

So I just got a kind of divine afflatus by reading some posts on this site.

Whatever we are infected with causes us to be depleted in copper.

So this lack of copper causes some changes in our magnetic field.

These magnetic waves are inaudile but they can travel through walls, glass, and over phone by causing the membrane of the phone mic to vibrate, that's how both audible and inaudible sound is transmitted.

This can somehow cause a sound-induced smell directly in the olfactory sensors of another human. This sound could possibly also cause a reaction in bacteria, maybe it's killing them and they start to produce strong biofilms as a protection.

Read the article "Smelling Sounds: Olfactory–Auditory Sensory Convergence in the Olfactory Tubercle" on PubMed.

"In vivo extracellular recordings from the olfactory tubercle, a trilaminar structure within the basal forebrain, of anesthetized mice revealed that olfactory tubercle single units selectively respond to odors—with 65% of units showing significant odor-evoked activity. Remarkably, 19% of olfactory tubercle single units also showed robust responses to an auditory tone."
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I appreciate you spending your time researching and thinking out of the box.  Sound theory is a very strong possibility.  (Remember others  if you read and don't agree you may not have the same thing.) There have been a few people who posted on this over the years.  Basically  don't give up or believe everyone on here.  There are things going on that the average person can't digest.   Good luck.  I'll be reading.
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This would explain people reacting you us over the phone or over video chat, I've also thought there was an inaudible sound when we breathe sometimes.
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This theory could explain why we create electromagnetic waves that causes a smell in the nose of others:

"Vibration theory of olfaction"

Quote from the article:

"Seeing as there are some aroma molecules of different shapes that smell the same (eg. benzaldehyde, that gives the same scent to both almonds and/or cyanide), the shape "lock and key" model is not quite sufficient to explain what is going on. Experiments with olfaction, taking quantum mechanics into consideration, suggest that ultimately both theories might work in harmony - first the scent molecules need to fit, as in the docking theory of olfaction model, but then the molecular vibrations of the chemical/atom bonds take over. So in essence your sense of smell could be much more like your sense of hearing, where your nose could be 'listening' to the acoustic/vibrational bonds of aroma molecules."

So once your nose had smelled a real molecule, it has indexed it and can actually detect it just by frequency.

The question is what is wrong with our magnetic field, why is it different from others.

Are wee like WiFi-Repeaters repeating a signal from outer space (considering the ongoing weaking of earth's magnetic field)? Or is it a pathogen that has an own consciousness and can "peek" into other bodies?
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