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Study by Japanese Scientist Yoshika Sekine on PATM


Very interesting. "Japanese researchers found high amounts of petrochemicals on PATM patients' skin. Predominantly toluene. Toluole is also used in paint thinners and known for its irritating effects on the nervous system, eyes and respiratory system,"
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Finally more scientific community investigating this.  Thank you for sharing, maybe one day we will get a cause and a cure!


Check the comments for translation.  This sounds like it's us.  "Students reported an “old house” or “burnt” or “weird” smell and it also happened to the other teachers." "Then they did the test the doctor said that she produced high levels of toluene, a petrochemical found in things like glue and contact cement, which is toxic and strictly regulated."

This makes the most sense to me out of anything.

Also I wish I spoke Japanese to be able to understand all of this.  They don't say which supplements she is taking?!?!  It's funny that we try to help each other by saying which supplements to take.
That video shows exactly how I feel and I imagine many of you do as well, this is a huge step in the right direction for all of us.
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This description fits the most to what patm sufferers had been saying all this years. The japanese doctors cured the woman so there is hope.
How? What they do differently
It say's they give her supplements, I wonder which ones as well.
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They should really tell us what supplements were taken. But yes this is an important step.
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They know nothing, treat patients blindly. They only know that patients have problems with detoxification. All methods of detoxification, which were described in this forum, are suitable for this purpose.
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In addition, high levels of petrochemicals have been discovered (which certainly can not be the cause of allergic reactions, but only indicates a poor performance of cytochrome P450), Staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria and Rhodotorula mucilaginosa fungi have been isolated from some nasal patients on the surface of the skin. What do you think that drags them in the nose?
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Here is a link to their results in Japanese: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/siej/21/1/21_19/_article/-char/ja/
"On the other hand, overseas is called PATM (People Allergic to Me) about the constitution that causes allergic reaction such as sneezing, runny nose, coughing, eye itching and congestion to other people around himself by chemical substances radiating from the skin himself , In general it is known little by little. However, in Japan it is almost unrecognized and there are no reports in journals of academic journals. The authors consulted from a male patient (subject) of PATM and conducted an interview, skin gas measurement, measurement of volatile chemical substances from worn underwear, and microorganism examination in the nasal cavity. As a result, many chemical substances such as toluene and xylene were detected from the subject's skin gas compared to the control subjects. In addition, hexane, propionaldehyde, toluene, etc., which showed relatively high emissions from the subject's skin, were also detected from underwear after wearing. Most of the microorganisms isolated from the nasal cavity of the subject were Staphylococcus epidermidis, which is known as the resident bacterium of the skin. Separation of actinomycetes (Arthrobacter phenanthrenivorans) stinking odorous on the separation medium may have something to do with PATM. It is a new finding that the red yeast (Rhodotorula mucilaginosa) known as the causative fungus of the red water scale in the bathroom and washroom was isolated from the nasal cavities of humans. From these results, it was suggested that PATM is not a spiritual thing like a subject's thought, but a possibility of an unexplained disease involving a chemical substance dissipated from the skin".

But this is simply a consequence of violations in the system of detoxification of the body. Not gas is the cause of PATM, its concentration is increased compared to healthy people, but too insignificant to cause allergies. However, this explains the smell of gas, chemicals and feces in some people with PATM. For the metabolism of scatol (smell of feces), toluene and benzene, the enzyme CYP2E1 is responsible. It's my opinion.

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Today use hair dye with ammonia, magically today disappears the PATM, at least that note, I got on the train and nobody sneezed or anything, so I do not know if it will be coincidence. 21 days ago I take Ivermectin at 10-day intervals 12mg, then I use lice chamomile with decamethrin and among others, I also pass the lotion or cream. I do not know which helped me to lower the PATM, but today I walked without hearing sneezing, coughing, etc. If it were on the skin as it is explained that with a hair dye with ammonia substantially reduce the PTM, is it only on the scalp? In the hair? Or maybe I just went out very mentally confident. Tomorrow and the next 3 days I will see how I am doing, my situation. I dont know. Greetings.
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After using hair dye I was 2 days without sneezing problems in the train and the collective, now the third day I returned, but now I see that they are momentary, they are not as followed as before, sometimes when I travel in the train nothing happens , other times yes. It's weird all this, generally the toseras subside when I feel pressured or stressed, when I'm calm and relaxed the PATM effect does not happen. It leaves me more unsure.
I dye my hair once a month, and I seen that too. I used tree oil shampoo and that worked for me too. I been experiencing shampoo and soap for over two years. Dove only one works for me. I have to shower twice a day from sweating and stressed but it reduced by 50 to 65%. Eat nothing but fruit smoothies, lemon in my water, lots of fresh fruit and veggies. I still can’t eat meat or bread except for chicken and hamburger. I am on allergy pills and nasal spray so my chest and eyes no longer hurt.
For now I am eating normal, 1 year ago I tried many diets and they did not work on me, I also tried other recommendations like taking grape extract and HCL betaine pepsin with resveratrol, I also tried Vitamin C plus N-Nac Acetylcysteine, I tried vitamin complex B12 and minerals, some worked 1 day, or more or less, maybe it was only mental or mood, I do not know, but then the PATM was still as always, now these last months I'm trying to eliminate my stress, I try to be relaxed and eat normal, that a little helps me, there are days where the PATM disappears completely, relaxation helps a lot. On the other hand, in me, only one side of my nose is partially covered, only in moments, when I am relaxed, it disappears.
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