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Tap water? Where are you guys all from?

First...sorry for my english.
The reason i am asking this is that my PATM started when i was working in england for few months.
I could clearly see the tap water in england was disgusting in compare with my country(we also pay for water...in england its free).  Well for sure it is not just taste what is different but also composition. It is no secret that tap water contains  chlorine and fluoride. I jsut found that those 2 can cause leaky gut. Also when i was searching throught topics...countries of PATMers was repeating. I also cant find any topic about PATM or similar problem in my country. So i am thinking that there might be a connection. Well maybe it was something else...i also drank more beer in england and ate junk food. JUst an idea.
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I had well water growing up, which didn't contain any fluoride or chlorine. Granted, I did take fluoride tablets from the doctor, but so did my sister and she doesn't have PATM.
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I agree. It's obvious. More than half of the world have been exposed to chlorine water & products and almost 100% of global population use fluoride toothpaste unless of course if someone isn't brushing his teeth, but we only have fewer than 200 sufferers out of 7 billion people.
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Tap water is the least of your concerns. If that entire country was consuming the same water that you were and none of them got PATM, you gotta look elsewhere.
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Whole world is eating junk food and sweets...and drink alcohol...and none of them got PATM...
jsut saying ..when i was reading topics...it looked like majority of people were from uk or USA
You should read them all to know where we are. We've come a long way from that.
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