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Teen with PATM: Which symptoms have you guys experienced?

Hey everyone :) I'ts been over 3 years that I've dealt with people having allergic reactions around me. These include sniffling, discomfort, occasional sneezing, and A LOT of coughing. I've read and looked up many of these threads/forums, but I was hesitant to join one because I feel like it's all in my head. However, as a teenager in high school, I'm required to attend school daily and events, so I've been around diverse groups and crowds of people. I can confirm that on multiple separate occasions people coughed (a dry forceful cough) or sniffled around me. It isn't a natural cough either; it seems like people are desperately gasping for air. People that react to me include my family, teachers, friends, classmates, cashiers, etc. It honestly makes me feel so guilty and anxious, and it's contributed to the development of anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Additionally, PATM  has kept me in a little bubble, and I've refrained from multiple public events because I feel ashamed and dirty. I wish I could stay home alone, so I wouldn't hurt everyone.

xx Teen w/ PATM
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U r not hurting anyone first off--- eat greens tons water start that as a daily goal no sugar at all no dairy at all no fast food what so ever
if your around certain people it can do some harm.  Go around someone with psoriasis and see how fast it acts up.  Spend an hour or 2 with someone with heart or eye issues and see what a difference you make.   That's what mine does anyway.   It sucks that a kid has to have this issue.  It is NOT a normal thing to deal with.  I'm not the only one on here that has gone around Ill people on monitors.  You can undeniably see what you can cause.   maybe not on everyone but defiantly on some.    just had to point that out.   And yes no sugar, no smoking, ect,ect.....helps but....
Yes I agree with helpssvemykids.  Some of my patients  have complained of nausea and have thrown up. They have no idea I’m the cause but I know it’s because of my Condition.
People with some allergy,skin problems,low immune system reacts more.Ang it's logical because they have some healthy problem.
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It’s so sad that a teen can develop this too!! I’m so sorry you’re suffering. But you’re not alone. I know exactly how you feel. How old are you ? And do your parents react to you ? Eat a lot of vegetables. Especially ginger. It helps but there’s no cure. And don’t eat any bread.
Good luck and try and stay strong.
My parents and my siblings react to me (daily). I hoped for a long time that it was simply coincidental or an illness, but it wouldn't make sense for all of them to be sick year-round for months. I also may try changing my diet. However, I'm a little bit worried about that because I've struggled with eating disorders and restrictive behavior in the past.
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I can only recommend to get an appointment at a psychiatrist and also registering for psycho therapy as soon as possible.
Just to be on the safe side to rule out a mental illness like Olfactory Reference Syndrome.
you must not be from the US. or you would NEVER reccomend a kid to make a psychological appointment.    They will throw anyone on meds for any reason.  The safe side would be just video tape it and you can clearly see if you are causing reactions or not.  Trust yourself.
It’s true. They’ll just put the kid on psych meds. Ugh
I talked to a physician about it last year, and he seemed sympathetic. However, he didn't have any reactions to me during the appointment, so he dismissed it and put me on antidepressants because of my history with depression and anxiety. He asked me to come back for a second appointment, but I didn't because I don't have insurance, and I had to pay for everything out of my own pocket.
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Stay strong friend, know you are not alone, we face this problem together as an online community.  I would try to discuss your feelings/thoughts about this with whomever you feel closest to; teacher, friend, parent, family member etc.  Get their take on it.  The one's who think it is delusion try to prove to them why you feel this way.  Keep in mind this could all be in our head despite it feeling/seeming like it's not.
Thank you :)
It’s defintely not in my head. I’m sick of my friends and parents telling me that. But one of my coworkers believes me now. He says the only reason why he notices is it is because I point it out. He also thinks I should keep it to myself because he thinks it’s crazy that I do attract that.
Reduce diary and meat(I eat meat no more than 2 times in a week).Folate and b12 rich foods(meat,diary,cruciferous vegetables,beans,citrus fruits,white bread,pasta,cookies,white rice etc) increase methyl groups in the body and that is problem.It's like doing detox again and again.
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That said, I just sneezed twice within 30 minutes and so did a coworker.  It's weird lately i'll notice myself sneezing more if i'm around people that I feel I cause reactions with, almost like our 2 energies (bacteria) are fighting each other.
This is not delusional and it’s not in our head. I cannot believe you would say that. If you have a pet like a dog or cat, blow your breath into their nose and see what happens. Animals do not lie, they will sneeze or scratch their noses.
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I also developed this during high school. Now I'm in college and I remember in my first year I would skip so much class just to get away from lecture halls. Over time this has made me pretty jaded and blunt about the world. It's sort of a constant, constant irritation of your mind. The couple close friends and family keep me from going insane.
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I'm all done commenting ever again on this blog
I say I'm done with this blog all the time also, but alas it seems to be the best place online to hear others stories with patm.  Even if you don't agree with people on here I believe that it is imperative to keep reading and adding your thoughts and observations to this.  It is NOT a normal problem but a real one.  I have faith someone will stumble upon an answer if we keep trying.  It kinda helps that we all have our own thoughts about what this is and we are in different directions.  If I said something to offend you at any point it wasent my intention.  Just posting my honest thoughts in hopes that something will help.   Take care. Please stay active in this
Agree we need the most awareness about this issue we can muster.  I wish we had a CDC person who thought they had it, maybe they could help shed light on this.  It seems only Japanese scientist believe in it's possibility.  We need the medical community to help us, that would be the quickest way to a solution.
"It seems only Japanese scientist believe in it's possibility."

The paper by Professor Yoshika Sekine was pretty solid and the only problem with it for me was small sample size on the skin gas measurements and other tests conducted.

2 samples from a PATM person and 1 sample from a non-PATM as the control person.

Interesting thing was that Toluene and Xylene on the subjects skin were measured at 100-200x rates compared to the control person.

My hypothesis is that some type of bacteria/micro-organism produce these chemicals/gases and release them into our bloodstream from where they off gased by our skin.

The reason I believe the gut healing works for some is because for them the bacteria has infested the gut but really they could be living anywhere which makes it harder to eradicate its presence, healthy gut also boosts our immune system but some of us might be in the unfortunate situation where our bodies don't recognize whatever causes PATM as something to wake up our immune system (body not being able trigger a proper detox response to remove toxins has been proven with people and mold).

Some types of molds can hibernate for very long time until they get food again would explain why some people on this forum have written that they can minimize the symptoms for a long time but as soon as they eat anything that feeds PATM it comes right back at full force.

I will try to figure something out but for managing symptoms in my own case I have noticed that most potent to least potent are.

1. exercise/sweating in sauna.
2. enough sleep.
3. proper diet which is rich in BOTH macro AND micro nutrients.

but even when doing all 3 "perfect" it won't make it 100% go away.

TMAU has been researched since the 70s and people get ridiculed at the doctors appointment even in 2000-2010 so I won't hold my breath medicals getting a fix for us anytime soon unless they find some other well known condition that causes in our case also PATM "effect".

As it stands know I am 100% stealth and haven't tried to convince anyone about my condition because I believe there will be enough pain ahead once PATM hits the mid stage of research where this is proven to exist but no idea what is behind it.

Take care everyone and stay safe.
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Hey sickofme01,

your story is basically a replica of my childhood. I can empathize with every single word you wrote...

PATM started when I was 12-13. Both my parents and brothers reacted to me, just like class mates and everyone around me. It led to complete isolation and the development of anxieties, depression, suicidal thoughts. I'm turning 28 soon and so far nothing has changed. But I still see hope for all of us. Stay strong. :)
I'm  glad you're optimistic over the situation. I struggle with this every single day, but it's been pretty bad recently. How do you cope? Could we stay in touch?
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I think is our body have high histamine in it and our body can break it down propely. I am trying to eat low histamine diet to see what is going to happen.

People that react are sensitive to histamine that's why they cast it. Try to drink vitamin C in high mg.  Do research on histamine
My dear, histamine is only a signaling substance eliminated by the immune cells after a formation reaction of the antigen-antibody complex, if the problem were excess histamine, this could be resolved with the use of antihistamines (histamine inhibitors)
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