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The PATM Cure is Here

I posted a lot on the old forum in the past about the success I had in getting rid of PATM.  I thought I'd post my solution again here just so others can have it for reference.  My cure consisted of the following:

Brown Rice Protein Powder (Jarrow Formulas):  We all have holes in our intestine which let toxins into our bloodstream and then out of our skin.  This product has a lot of amino acids (over 20) that work to effectively seal those holds.  I noticed major changes within a month.  Take a spoon mixed in a glass of water once a day.

Saccharomyces Boulardii (Jarrow Formulas):  This is the best probiotic to take for our condition.  We have candida and it helps to candida.  It also is able to travel through stomach acid without getting degraded, unlike other probiotics.  Take three pills a day initially to build up your reserve (for about a month), then take one pill a day.

Oxy Powder (Global Healing Center):  This was a miracle product.  It floods your body with oxygen, which is a natural killer of the toxins released when candida dies.  Take four pills right before going to bed with a glass of water every night.

These three products were essential in my journey.  Hope they help you on yours!!

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I'm probably going to forget to come back here and check replies, so I thought I'd just add my experience on diet.  Essentially, just follow the restrictions on The Candida Diet webpage:

-Avoid sugar as much as possible, substituting it with stevia
-Avoid white bread/white rice/white pasta/white everything
-Avoid milk, cheese, and dairy products in general
-Avoid nuts
-Meat and eggs are okay
ONE LAST THING, I swear -- was looking through my old posts and also realized Candida Support by NOW Foods was very helpful.  It combines four powerful anti-fungals -- Pau D'Arco, Oregano Oil, Black Walnut, and Caprylic Acid (the main ingredient in coconut oil). Like the Sacc Boull, it helps to kill candida cells by invading the cell membrane.  The only thing is you may feel detox effects because it is so strong.  Highly suggest including this in the regimen!
‘Avoid white bread/white rice/white pasta/white’

You affirm to have avoided all carbs including white rice. What then do you eat for carbs? Brown rice, or do you rely on the just the minimal carb available on vegetables and fruits? I admire your method but please explain a little.

You revealed before, months ago, that you weren’t healed 100% but now after sometimes you claim to have been healed 100%, meaning completely. I take you mean you have no reaction from anyone whatsoever and no matter how close and how long you are with someone, there’s absolutely no reaction, right?

One last question, what’s your dosage and how long have you been doing it to be cured as of now? Say roughly, how long did it take you? Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your cure. I’d like to add that ‘saccharomyces boulardii’, SP, is used in the medical community and traditional medicine to control bacterial based problems only.  SP as a yeast, doesn’t attack other yeast (candida), it attacks other bacteria. I think the antifungal medication that you used may have prolonged your journey as they have some little antibacterial properties particularly when combined. So you took SP a fungus, then took antifungal. I think you kept looping in this cycle for quite sometime, because they kill each other, until you combined antifungal medical which has some antibacterial properties and got lucky when combining everything together.

I think if you had used a combination of strong antibacterial natural medicine or drug, it would have gotten to the problem faster. Again I’m only commenting on your post but I could be wrong. Thank you for sharing post and valuable information. How is ex-patm life going now? I hope patm has not returned. If it does, please let us know.
Hopeful, were you on a candida diet? If so, did you take the supplements after the diet or during?
Hi justanaa, yes, I was on the candida diet.  I took the supplements during the diet.  After the diet, I stopped taking Candida Support and Candida Cleanse because it is not good to take herbal supplements for too long.  I continued taking brown rice powder too.  Today the only supplements I take are sacc boull every day (we all need daily probiotics) and Oxy powder about once or twice a week, because it is a good colon cleanser.

While I eat white bread/rice now, I still try to avoid sugar if possible.
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is your patm reactions completely gone? or be better ?
Greetings hopeful 12345. Omg!!!! i am 27 i had patm since i was 16. to hear that your patm is gone its giving me total inspiration. i have had severe anxiety and depression and dropped out of high school because of it. exactly how long have your patm been gone?  how soon after you started your treatment did you notice the cure? what will my diet consist of  while taking what you recommend?
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If this has truly worked for u, than that is amazing.  Ive diagnosed myself with patm as of 4 weeks ago, ive ben taking a number of products, but im gonna try what u have done.  Good question by abebetaro, are your symptoms GONE GONE, or do u still get reactions from ppl?
Gone, Dj_Choppa!  Since a year ago!
So happy for you man! Are you still on a really clean diet? If not, how did you body handle returning to real food and alcohol?

Any input would be appreciated :)
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Well hopeful, i actually already have oxy powder, and am following the candida diet, so i ordered the other 2 supplements..after reading into the products i find myself wanting to buy more n more, like digestive enzymes and other stuff that help w rebuilding gut walls.  BUT, i am going to try ur method first and i hope it works.
I tried digestive enzymes (Digest Gold) -- didn't do anything for me, though don't know if it has helped others.
Just bought the brown rice protein powder. My aim is to start the Candida diet in full in may. Protein powder set me back R500 which will only proceed once the cleansing phase is in full swing. As for the Sacc Boulardii and Oxy. That will have to wait. Currently on Biogen probiiotis. Not sure about the improved benefits as only has lactobacc-, bifido- and strepto??
Currently, Im loading myself with reccomended veg in the cleansing phase, certain healthy nonGMO, grain fed meats not fried where possible or perhaps with virgin coco oil, brown bread with olive oil now and again but I prefer to limit my carbs intake. No dairy at all. Zero sugar, very very low on pasta intake but will be eradicating all the above mentioned non-cleansing foods once my Ultimate Candida book arrives. By Dr Coby Slater.
I understand this is pretty half-assed but it's just to build up my weight. So yes Im injesting some of the wrong stuff and the right stuff so it might be cancelling out one another but so it goes. At least.....
I also got the unscented soaps, shampoo, washing powder as mentioned on the other thread.

Chow for now DJ Massive Genius (I'm a Sopranos fan haha) and Hopeful
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As a sufferer of PATM for many many years, I have tried everything including your suggestions and PATM would usually come back after eating dairy or anything sugar/saturated fat.

I'm glad for you that your method worked for you but for me it didn't work and I'm going to tell you why.

My situation is extreme. I recently met a holistic doctor that deals with all these different types of abnormalities. This doctor has extensive education and knowledge in natural medicine. He has spent many years studying human DNA and the consequences that bacteria/viruses have on the make up of deoxyribonucleic acid. Once our DNA is damaged, we have to rebuild the damage done to it or we will fail over and over again.
I provided hair samples to him so that he could extract the DNA to determine what my problem is.
The analysis report showed that I had candida in my liver/ in my blood, and kidneys. The report also showed that I had inflammation and poor circulation. He also determined that my lymphatic system was not doing its job which was to remove toxins from the body. The lymphatic system is like the sewer line for our bodies.
It all started with my leaky gut and progressed to my blood which in turn transported this yeast to my liver/kidneys and possibly my brain among other places.
This is the reason why we never make any improvements. We detox, we take medication, we go on a strict diet and PATM always seems to come back.
Knowing all of this, the doctor will first start with reducing my inflammation. Second, he will increase my circulation so I have the ability to remove toxins from my body. Third, he will detox my body and get rid of yeast and candida from all parts of my body using herbal teas.

To get started, I'm presently drinking juices and herbal teas that he mentions on his web site to reduce inflammation. (inflammation in the body is a very good sign that something is malfunctioning) Also avoiding the following,

No sugar. (cookies, cake, soda, etc.)
No wheat. ( white bread, chips, crackers, etc.)
No fruit because it contains sugar. ( grapes, oranges, strawberries, etc.)
No dairy. (Milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.)
No fast food. (Fast food causes severe inflammation and toxins, saturated fats)
No alcohol of any type.

The herbal teas that he specifically designed for my problems will arrive today which will help with improving my circulation and reducing inflammation.

So just to summarize, I have yeast in my kidneys, liver and blood. Liver is not able to produce enzymes to properly digest food because of yeast. Liver is not able to provide the necessary nutrients for the lymphatic system to work and rid of toxins. Kidneys are not able to filter toxins due to yeast. Lymphatic system unable to remove toxins from body. This explains why people are allergic to us. Our toxins are being released from our breath, pores of skin and anus. The body has no other way to rid of toxins and the more toxic food you eat the worse your PATM reactions are. (Google the 400+ functions that the liver performs in our bodies)

Everything, I mean everything that we eat has to pass thru our liver. The liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself if has not completely been damaged.

So please limit your intake of highly processed foods, eliminate sugar from your diet and wheat. If you do your research you will find out that this is it this is what has been happening with most of us.

The treatment will be for 2 months since it has to be done in stages.

1. Decrease inflammation.

2 . Bring body defenses back to normal levels.

3. Remove toxins.

God bless you all.

Have you tried brown rice powder?  It is the most effective thing for leaky gut, more effective than L-glutamine.
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Hopefull is the accai berry juice can help?? It seems it become worst..thier is no oxy powder sale in drug store.. is thier any other name of that drug??please answer to me hopefull..you are the answer of my prayer
I dobut acai berry juice helps, doesn't really address any of the problems.  You can find Oxy Powder on the Global Healing Center website or Amazon.  There is something similar called Oxy-Oxc but it is not as strong.
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Finally ray is seeing the light.  Don't forget that we may not all have the same issue so to say it is the DNA kinda makes me think **** no BUT I do agree with everything else: that we have sensitive toxic systems and yeast is a big part of it.  I am glad you are getting into healing the systemic yeast infection and addressing the organs and immune system.  I have gone years without PATM and it came back after a stressful time which leads me to think that we DO need to strengthen our organs/immune system and help our body as much as possible and to DE-STRESS.  I am trying to find a way to slow life down and balance as much as possible because the world I live in is so ****** up.  I just read an article about how we are a social sleep experiment because our over-stressed society gets less sleep than ever before in history.  I ******* hate how we have come into this corner where life is so ******* stressful that we don't even have enough time to get 8 hours of sleep every night and the stress makes us sick which makes us sicker and alone and isolated.  I am pissed.  
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Holy god .thier is no oxy powder here in philippines....hopefully i would like to ask question when the candida dies the patm become worst??means if he will died is thier a chance he will not grow again?? How many months candida totaly died?please hopefully my job will begin soon..please help me..
Yes, when the candida dies it release toxins, which go out of the skin and cause the reactions.  You can't get rid of all candida (it's impossible - it is a natural yeast that is in everybody, even healthy people) but you can try to reduce it as much as possible with the Sacc Boul and eating the Candida diet.  The best short-term impact though is using the Brown Rice powder and Oxy Powder.  Do you have access to the Internet?  If so, can you just buy the Oxy Powder online?  That's how I do it.
@juffufu, Oxy powder is just a fancy name for magnesium oxide. There's several companies making it and it's way cheaper.
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Ray, thanks for ur information.  I agree w u.  It seemed like all of us are trying different things, but we have to first know what all is effected in our body.  So a holistic doc sounds like the first step to take huh?  I have been wondering what doctor can run these kinds of tests for me, but i think u answered that question.  Im all about trying different remedies if others said it worked for them, but seeing this kind of doc sounds like the smartest step to take just to make sure we are doin things right and not wasting our time.  
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Also, im sure getting better depends on how bad our body is, of course.  Hopeful1234 probably is not affected as bad as others.  Im gonna try H1234's method, but i think im gonna sched a doc appointment for sure
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Ju, when candida die they release toxins.  These toxins can have negative affects on your body.  So you MAY feel bad before u get better, and feeling this way is sometimes a way of u knowing that u are doin something right.  On the other hand, u could be taking too many things and are hurting yourself.
Chopa...hope you are right...hope this could be the answer i drink now accai berry juice and some herbal tea and some probiotics shirota strain... i will put all of this to god..ive auffered enough..
Thier is no oxy powder in all drug store here in philippines..it seems you can only buy that in america.and im not rich like you people
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Hello Choppa,

I would wait to see what my outcome is before you go and see a Holistic doctor.
It took me a long time to figure out what was happening but I finally figured it out. Now it's just a matter of finding the right combination of natural remedies to cure this awful PATM.

We are caught up in a nasty cycle where it can be very frustrating and emotionally draining not to mention costly. We are just not able to produce white blood cells to kill off the yeast because what produces white blood cells is our lymphatic system. In order for the lymphatic system to produce and work as designed it needs nutrients and enzymes from the liver. Well the liver cannot produce what's required because it has become compromised by this yeast that has embedded itself deep inside this organ.

Like I mentioned, I'm going thru this herbal tea treatment in phases and I am experiencing head aches along with other symptoms but what the doctor is doing is strengtheing my immune system and reducing the inflammation so later my body is strong enough cope with these future teas that he has specifically designed for me.

Many natural medicine doctors mention how the medical establishment is in agreement with the pharmaceutical companies to keep most of the general population in a somewhat sickened state to keep the money rolling in. Something to think about, if anything food for thought.
Good advice Ray, but i have the means to get me to a similar clinic. I too, want to know whats up w my own body.  2 guinea pigs are better than 1.  If this will help others too, im all 4 it.
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I do much respect your opinion and hold it in very high regards. I read your comments and become more educated concerning PATM.

The doctor does have videos on you tube that can educate even the most rookie when it comes to the medical field. He explains everything in detail and in very simple terms. I would suggest to everybody not to jump to conclusions and do your research. Let me be the guinea pig so to speak. I will keep everybody informed.

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Here is a good video to watch and it talks about yeast and how it immigrates to other parts of the body. It's about 20 minutes long but its going to cost you is your time.

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Guys have you tried garlic?? Lots of it??
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I did for about three months with no success.
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if u start to get lower back pain your on the right way!
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I have discovered the final piece to our frustrating , embarrassing puzzle of PATM, by God's amazing grace !!!!

As you stated eloquently after we remove inflammation, bring body defenses back to normal , remove toxins from inside our body

through healthier food choices such as mostly plant based and supplements including probiotics

Toxins/Candida  continue to remain on our skin and pores

    To eliminate this last piece of the PATM problem :

before bed each night massage organic virgin coconut oil all over your body

coconut oil is anti fungal and antimicrobial and removes Candida from
Our skin !!!!!!!  Google for more info

Thank you Jesus !!!!!!

God Bless you all always !!!!!
hey grateful, in what ways has the coconut oil helped u? What r you noticing?  I have a brand spankin new container of it that i havn't even opened.
Greatful u had me feeling like a butterball turkey last night, all greased up lol.  Felt like i should go jump in the oven lol.
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Please explain more about this lower back pain you are talking about

Thank you kindly and God Bless always!
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I have found that putting coconut oil all over my body and face at bedtime - gets rid of and/or kills any Candida toxins residue that may be on my skin

I now do this routine each night 365 days per year

Organic Virgin Coconut oil

let me know how it works for you  and God Bless always !
Good to hear from you, grateful2011!  Hope you're having a great 2016.
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Happy 2016 hopeful 12345 !

Going well by God's grace !

Soooo glad you renewed and revitalized the forum for countless people to learn, benefit and heal from PATM !

God Bless you always and continued good health to you always !
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happy for u !

p.s. I have found unscented soaps such as Dove to be helpful and also I do not use fragrances and/or cologne - so if u choose to use scents proceed with caution
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Hi, My problem starts when I get candida and its look that is the problem and its over 2 long years now. I ordered some supplements that maybe will help this a long war and I lost many battles whit this crap but Im going to find rescue for as. what can I advice all of you go on candida diet order some books that will tell you what you can eat to kill candida why cannot feed this bandit which lows high GI food. Our bodies are full of toxins and why need to help to clean them from inside drink herbs mixtures that helps body remove toxins and kill candida use sauna to remove toxins drink beetroot juice that also helps clean body and blood from toxins, coconut oil have hundreds healthy benefits and also kills fungus you can use it as a cream, or even eat on its own I still have PATM but now I know my problem i know when that starts and what is responsible for that

Thank you all because I am not alone and now no one will say that I have mental issue    
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Thanks for the advice. No ur not crazy lol.  Im just a normal guy, i play bball, i consider myself the best dj youll ever hear lol, got a good job and MANY friends.  Now i have this dumb crap we call patm.  Im bout  a lil over a month new to this world, and it *****.  

Most of us agree on candida, but also believe there may be parasites in our bodies.  I think we are getting a good grasp on this problem, and hope we figure this out soon.  We are all doing are part, and i DO believe we are getting close.  Ppl on this forum have been VERY helpful in observing different methods and posting outcomes to doc visits.  Ill b a norm on here till we figure this out.  Stay strong buddy.
Hey man i know what your saying about parasites, but unfortunately i got an extensive stool test through doctors data and it came back negative with everything except for Candida. Good luck with this path if you decide to pursue it.
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