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The PATM Cure is Here

I posted a lot on the old forum in the past about the success I had in getting rid of PATM.  I thought I'd post my solution again here just so others can have it for reference.  My cure consisted of the following:

Brown Rice Protein Powder (Jarrow Formulas):  We all have holes in our intestine which let toxins into our bloodstream and then out of our skin.  This product has a lot of amino acids (over 20) that work to effectively seal those holds.  I noticed major changes within a month.  Take a spoon mixed in a glass of water once a day.

Saccharomyces Boulardii (Jarrow Formulas):  This is the best probiotic to take for our condition.  We have candida and it helps to candida.  It also is able to travel through stomach acid without getting degraded, unlike other probiotics.  Take three pills a day initially to build up your reserve (for about a month), then take one pill a day.

Oxy Powder (Global Healing Center):  This was a miracle product.  It floods your body with oxygen, which is a natural killer of the toxins released when candida dies.  Take four pills right before going to bed with a glass of water every night.

These three products were essential in my journey.  Hope they help you on yours!!

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I have found that putting coconut oil all over my body and face at bedtime - gets rid of and/or kills any Candida toxins residue that may be on my skin

I now do this routine each night 365 days per year

Organic Virgin Coconut oil

let me know how it works for you  and God Bless always !
Good to hear from you, grateful2011!  Hope you're having a great 2016.
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Happy 2016 hopeful 12345 !

Going well by God's grace !

Soooo glad you renewed and revitalized the forum for countless people to learn, benefit and heal from PATM !

God Bless you always and continued good health to you always !
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happy for u !

p.s. I have found unscented soaps such as Dove to be helpful and also I do not use fragrances and/or cologne - so if u choose to use scents proceed with caution
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Hi, My problem starts when I get candida and its look that is the problem and its over 2 long years now. I ordered some supplements that maybe will help this a long war and I lost many battles whit this crap but Im going to find rescue for as. what can I advice all of you go on candida diet order some books that will tell you what you can eat to kill candida why cannot feed this bandit which lows high GI food. Our bodies are full of toxins and why need to help to clean them from inside drink herbs mixtures that helps body remove toxins and kill candida use sauna to remove toxins drink beetroot juice that also helps clean body and blood from toxins, coconut oil have hundreds healthy benefits and also kills fungus you can use it as a cream, or even eat on its own I still have PATM but now I know my problem i know when that starts and what is responsible for that

Thank you all because I am not alone and now no one will say that I have mental issue    
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Thanks for the advice. No ur not crazy lol.  Im just a normal guy, i play bball, i consider myself the best dj youll ever hear lol, got a good job and MANY friends.  Now i have this dumb crap we call patm.  Im bout  a lil over a month new to this world, and it *****.  

Most of us agree on candida, but also believe there may be parasites in our bodies.  I think we are getting a good grasp on this problem, and hope we figure this out soon.  We are all doing are part, and i DO believe we are getting close.  Ppl on this forum have been VERY helpful in observing different methods and posting outcomes to doc visits.  Ill b a norm on here till we figure this out.  Stay strong buddy.
Hey man i know what your saying about parasites, but unfortunately i got an extensive stool test through doctors data and it came back negative with everything except for Candida. Good luck with this path if you decide to pursue it.
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Hey hopeful been many a moons. With the old thread long gone i'm fortunate to have stumbled onto this at first click, what with all the links they provide. What you're saying, and some of the responses, is extremely encouraging. However i'm waiting on ray's results and then im going to try and proceed. $$$ a big problem, I recently wrote off my car and insurance declining to pay out. Not to mention the medical side of things. Not a religious person but on the plus side my faith has tenfolded. Were it not for the airbag, i would be lucky to walk away (HAHA) a paraplegic and with all the other damage which was a certainty. A sign no doubt that someone doesn't want me to call it quits on seeking freedom from this debilitating condition.
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