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The cure of of patm for me

To people going through PATM,try to take a lot of probiotics,drink lot of clean warm water and eat healthy a lot .. I hope this answer help u guys because it seems the effects of my patm started to lose its effects after 3 weeks(people still sneeze when I talked but there is no anymore a cough sounds).I believe the patm was actually a bad gas that was released from our stomach and we need to care for it.Hope this help u(btw I realised that people cough if I ever smoke in that day)
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A naturopathic doctor gave me something called Tox-Ease GL by Beyond Balance. One-two drops in the morning in my water first thing in the AM. You can work your way up to 5-10 drops per day if you tolerate it. At first, my patm became so bad, everyone was sneezing near me but I kept on taking it.
After about a week no reactions, and its been a few weeks now. I also started a thyroid med called Tirosint- very low dose because my T4 test was borderline normal. I feel the Tox-Ease helped though. I don't think I'm cured, people get stuffed up or tired near me but no more sneezing or coughing. I eat organic, no sugar, lots of fruit and vegetables and exercise too. I see a naturopathic doctor,  I was exposed to mold and didn't know it. She also gave me ITires, and Renelix by Pekana. I took that twice. I seem to be sensitive to it but maybe it helped. I will try it again. The doctor said after I take Tox-Ease for a month or two, she wants me to take a binder to pull toxins out of my body but the Tox-Ease helps the body with drainage first. Theres a process to this.
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Can I buy tox- ease GL straight from website or do I need doctor approval? Also, did she understand PATM?
I think you can buy it on line.. i tested positive to mold toxins  so i haven't mentioned the patm. i did say I may have bad breath and people cough around me.  The tox ease is to help your kidney and liver detox so it's for the toxins but helps w patm.
And that is not that brand?
Please help
The mold is definitely what’s causing PATM. I’ll bet most of us on here have been exposed to mold. If untreated, it causes all sorts of issues. I too suffer from bad breath and PATM. I’m going to see a mold specialist Naturopathic doctor next week to see if she can help. I’ll keep you posted.
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The food you eat plays an important role in maintaining the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in your gut. I believe this is the main caused of patm. U guys can try to read this, it is worth it.
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