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The discovery and report about the new unknown disease 'PATM'

Distinguished medical researchers:
Hello! everyone!
I am a new unknown disease patients, my name is Chen Jianxin, 43 years old, from china.
In modern society, there is a new disease which has not been paid attention to. In China, Japan ,Europe and the United States, there are a large number of patients, according to incomplete statistics, the new unknown disease patients active in Chian as many as more than 3000 patients. In Japan and Europe and the United States and other countries, patients called the disease 'PATM'  (full name: people allergy to me), in the Google search input '' PATM'', can find a lot of information about the disease and forums. This is a disease of letting patients complete collapse , the disease is more common in adolescent patients, due to their huge mental pressure to bear disease, most of patientswill choose to leave school and company, and shut themselves up, embarked on the long road to medical treatment. As the disease patients, I had suffered 21 years of the disease ,made observation and careful research, now write down some new found myself, hope more medical research are needed to pay attention to this group, to help the poor children!
What is' PATM '? What symptoms does it have? I'll detail it later.
(1) 'PATM' is a disease that causes the patient to distribute irritating odor all over the body. Inhaling the odor emitted by the patient may cause respiratory tract dryness, cause coughing and spitting, and cause confusion to others.
(2) the clinical symptoms of 'PATM': Patients' genitals, sweat glands, anal sweat glands, facial pores, mouth and feet will smell bad. Smell roughly: fishy smell, smell of urine and fecal odor and taste of methane. Each odor appears alone and is not fixed and changes with the patient's physical condition.
(3) the age of illness of "PATM" patients: there are men and women in the patients, the proportion of men is greater than women, and the onset time is concentrated on puberty, that is, after 11 years of age. Also, patients develop in adulthood. To be sure, it won't develop until it's undeveloped.
Here are the common features that patients have summed up:
1.the body has a bad smell, smell is not one, often change.
2. most people begin to suffering this disease from puberty.
3.a taste of the site, many people will mention the genitals, it should be said to be mainly based on the genitals, do not rule out other places.
4.This odor is different from body odor, this odor is not persistent, but not intermittent, sometimes, sometimes without.
5.This odor exist all the year round, but body odor don’t have taste in winter, they are obviously different.
6,.the following situaition will aggravate the odor :
(1) when the mood is tense, the smell will suddenly increase; the more tense, the greater the odor; when the mood is relaxed, the smell will ease.
(2) after masturbation pudendal glands distribute stench, after a period of rest will gradually reduce the odor.
(3) when the body feels hot and dry, the smell will increase.
(4) when drinking or eating spicy food, the smell will aggravate.
(5) a short respite after bathing and changing clothes, but soon the smell will appear again.
(6) it is easy to smell in enclosed spaces such as offices, classrooms, trains and automobiles. Otherwise, it will be divergent by the air.
(7) when people are tired, the smell will get worse.
(8) the patients and their relatives and friends do not have obvious odor, but the strangers react so much that they can stimulate others to cough and spit.
(9)the patients feel dry mouth and throat.
(10) routine physical examination and various blood tests could not find the cause of the disease.
(11) the pig reacts strongly to the stench of the patient's body, and the patient is close to the pig farm to make all the pigs mad.
How can you prove that there is an unpleasant odor in your body? We can prove it by an experiment. As we mentioned earlier, pigs are very sensitive to the stench of a patient's body, and the patient is close to the pig farm to make all the pigs mad. Then we can prove it by the reaction of pigs.
Experimental procedure:
We invited three healthy volunteers with no body odor and three patients with "PATM" to participate in the experiment. First, let three "PATM" patients stay away from the pig farm at least 2000 meters (why is it 2000 meters? Because the stench of the patient's body travels far away, and the pig's sense of smell is sensitive). Then we asked three healthy volunteers to enter the pig farm, when we found that pigs did not react and make no calls. Why is that so? People who are healthy do not exude unpleasant smells. Then we asked the three PATM patients outside the pig farm 2000 meters away to go to the pig farm quickly. When the "PATM" patient was about 30 meters away from the pig farm, the pig began to feel sick and make a noise. When the "PATM" went into the pig farm, we found that all the pigs were howling like crazy. Repeat this experiment three times, and the reaction from pigs proves that the "PATM" patient does emit an unpleasant odor.
As a patient, the disease has been extensively observed and studied by me over the past 21 years. After observation, it was found that different parts of the patient would smell differently under different conditions. For example: in patients with sporadic pudendal sedentary sweat is the smell of urine in patients with anal; extremely tense sweat glands begin to shine in the fecal odor; after masturbation, men's genitals, face and mouth will send the semen rancid odour; patients in the intestinal environment worsens, the whole body exudes the smell of methane.
These findings are shocking, such as sporadic pudendal sweat smell of urine, we know that the body produces the storage of urine in the bladder, bladder and pudendal and unrelated, urine from the bladder is through what way to pudendal sweat? Also, patients with anus in extremely tense sweat sporadic fecal odor, we know only in the faeces of skatole will produce the fecal odor, and feces is how to get to the skatole anal gland? Also, male patients in the face, mouth, genital masturbation after sporadic semen rancid odour, we know that the semen stored in sexual organs, and how was it to the patient's genitals, face, mouth?
To the principle that the body smells bad, I have put forward a conjecture, and now write it down in the hope that it will provide some references for medical researchers.
I think there's only one possibility, that's through the blood vessel. We know that the blood travels around the blood vessel, driven by the heart, and delivers the nutrients needed to every part of the body. Then the urine, semen and skatole only enter the blood vessels in order to arrive at the site. So I guess: "there is a lesion of PATM patients" body, this lesion makes patients with large intestine, bladder and sexual organs to keep the body does not need to waste suction vessels, the waste in the blood vessels in the systemic circulation, part excreted through sweat glands. So with the body exudes the smell of urine, fecal odor, stench smell, methane. Others inhale the stench of the body, which makes the respiratory tract dry and causes coughing and spitting.
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Have you heard about the skin gas test done in a PATM clinic in japan ? I think the doctors found high concentrations of toluene and xylene from the patients.
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Just in case you are confused where your post about the link went. Medhelp doesn’t allow certain web links, especially other forums and social media sites that may compete with itself. So my suggestion is that you put a weblink on that Chinese forum to ours so that they can always check and share on this forum. We can come over to your forum but we’d be lost as most of us can’t speak Mandarin.
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We can run it through Google Translate. It may be somewhat distorted but better than nothing.
I've tried doing this with some Chinese forums that mentioned PATM, and it actually works pretty well. The posts I read didn't really offer anything new, though.
If you want instant relief from PATM, try Chlora life liquid Chloryphil. I take it twice a day. I mix one cup of water with one spoon of this stuff and it does the trick. It freshens my breath and my body. It also helps with blood circulation, free radicals and red blood cells. How it does it, I don't know. All I know is that it helps tremendously. I get it a Walmart or HEB for about $10.
Yeah, I went there and I was lost. Maybe I should try again. I found one comment though after pressing there and here… I didn’t know what I was pressing on. It didn’t contain much information. You are right @TAPAKAH, I don’t expect it to contain much information since it’s local for Chinese. Our forum is from different countries so we expect this one to contain more information. It’s easier for them to visit here often than for us to come there.
There are so many papers that actually point out the good effect of chlorophyll on gut epithelial cells. It seems to do well by removing endotoxins especially those from red meat. Chlorophyll is used often to help with colon cancer because it has been shown to have antioxidant and antimutagenic activity. It also removes TMA or/and choline from the gut. But I still can’t really understand how it helps with PATM. It’s really a mystery to me at this stage. Hopefully more information in the future will reveal why.

Everything that seems to work so far seems to fall into these broad categories.
1. antioxidant/anticancer
2. gut healing
3. probiotic
4. antibiotic

Here’s an interesting bit I found out, it seems that researchers have found out that all digestive diseases have all leaky gut but at different levels and some which bacteria has been found to be the underlying problem, are different for each.

To be precise we are talking about IBS, crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, liver diseases, diabetes 1 & 2, PATM and TMAU1 & TMAU2. Some researchers have theorized that perhaps leaky gut isn’t a cause but an onset from a worsening condition.

Most of the above diseases are incurable because some are genetic and irreversible, but FMT has healed a number of them permanently, which leads me to hypothesize that perhaps a microbiota imbalance is at the heart of it or a great contributing factor.

That's very interesting!

Also,did you happen to go by the name of londonblog, cause this guy suggested FMT years ago but have not heard from him again. I wonder if this individual cured himself by going thru this procedure?

This chlorophyll really does a great job of masking off the smell or chemical that makes other people uncomfortable. It takes care of all the orifices in our bodies...LOL  

I think Grateful suggested this chlorophyll a while  back.
Sorry no but I do remember LondonBlob. I agree liquid chlorophyll seem to work as reported by many in this forum and has the science to back it up.

I suggested FMT after reading a bunch of researches because I realized the problem is happening within the digestive system. (stomach, intestines, liver, gal bladder, pancreas) so I tried to look for something in common with other digestive diseases. I didn’t mention autoimmune diseases on my last post but that’s the most interesting one. Those with peanut & protein allergies have been found to have leaky gut too if I remember correctly. Therefore, I was looking for a common denominator, especially a treatment or cure that worked for some or all of them.

I came across FMT, which worked not only for most of them but with a permanent result as well. It’s fascinating because they were thought of as chronic and incurable, but it was cured by FMT. I realized the similarity between TMAU2 and PATM but since patm is relatively unknown I started looking for an application of FMT to TMAU2 and lo and behold it has been tried with initial success years ago but wasn’t monitored for months and years to give a conclusive clinical result for researchers, but for me, it was still significant since it’s an indication that gut microbiota was probably at the center of the problem. I’ve contacted the clinic and they verified this.

In that TMAU2 forum, someone with claimed TMAU2 tried FMT at home without understanding or following the proper procedure. FMT at home is very inefficient because it only covers the small part of the large intestine. The other half of the large intestine and the whole of the small intestine is left intact. But amazingly he said the effect he got out of it was the best he’s ever gotten. He would literary do continuous FMT because the effects kept disappearing after a few days. He got results out of something that was expected to fail…lol. That’s fascinating because it seems to support the effectiveness of FMT.

A member kept asking him about his TMAU2 test result but he kept making excuses and even today I haven’t seen him answer it. That tells me it’s probably he got a negative result. I think the dude has PATM but he thinks he’s got odor.

So that’s how I got the idea. The only way to know for sure is to try it so that’s what I’m preparing for.

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Thanks for this great information. I'm of Chinese descent but born in America. I was wondering if you could send me the link to the Chinese PATM forum/community.
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Next, let us explain the principle of odor formation through this conjecture.
(1) the principle that urine odor is produced: when a patient is sedentary, the bladder continuously pumps urine into the blood vessel under certain driving conditions. Urine in the blood push, first arrived at the bladder that nearest the pudendal vessels, and the genitals near the presence of a large number of sweat glands. These sweat glands excrete blood from the urine and are expelled from the body. The urine is evaporated because of moisture, so the concentration is high and the bacteria produce a strong odor of urine. When conditions are severe, the patient can even feel the taste of urine in his mouth. Due to the presence of large amounts of urine in the blood vessels, the inhalation of large amounts of urine and odor, the patient's body began to heat, heart rate, pulmonary edema, dyspnea, ammonia poisoning. At this point, taking antibiotics can quickly alleviate the disease.
(2)fecal odor: Principle in patients with extreme tension, in a drive, will continue in the faeces of Escherichia scatol inhalation of blood vessels. Driven by the blood, the blood vessels first reach the anus. Due to the large number of sweat glands exist around the anus, the sweat glands in the blood of skatole excreted, the anus patients began to sweat excreted by fever, skatole in vitro produce a strong odor of manure under the action of bacteria. In serious cases, patients with oral tongue and palate reeks of fecal odor, because there are a lot of skatole in the blood, plus the inhalation of fecal odor, the patient body fever, heart rate, pulmonary edema, dyspnea, skatole poisoning phenomenon occurred. The patient is taking antibiotics or Bacillus licheniformis can cause harmful intestinal bacteria decreased, thereby inhibiting the skatole produced remission.
(3)the producement of rancid odour : male patients in masturbation, sexual organs begin to secrete a large number of semen. Under certain drives, the gonadal organs (including the prostate gland) supply the secreted semen to the blood vessels. First, the blood vessels are driven by the blood. We know that there are large numbers of sweat glands that near the surface of the male genitals and the scrotum. These sweat glands excrete male semen and excrete semen, which gives off a fishy odor. Male patients can be observed in a layer of white matter thigh and scrotum surface before taking a bath, feels very smooth, smell fishy smell. These are the crystals of semen that evaporate when water is evaporated. The other part of the semen loops around the blood vessels and eventually reaches the face and mouth. Patients can smell semen in the face of the smell, and men with long used towels soaked in hot water will become very slippery, smell the stench and towel. In severe cases, male patients begin to overflow the liquid from the mouth. This liquid is slippery and salty. At this point, the patient exhaled breath of semen smell. The spilled liquid is tentatively judged to be male semen.
And female patients after masturbation, the ovary began to secrete a large number of eggs, in some kind of driven, the ovary will secrete the eggs inhaled blood vessels, through the sweat glands out of the body. So women will send female eggs in pudendal rancid odour.
(4) the principle of methane odor production: when the patient's intestinal environment deteriorates, a large amount of methane and other harmful gases are produced. In some cases, the large intestine pumps the gas into the blood vessel and eventually passes through the sweat glands. Thus the patients’ sweat glands smell like methane.
The conjecture above explains the principle that the body smells foul, so how do you test the validity of the conjecture? In fact, we can verify it by the following three experiments.
Experiment 1:
We invited several male "PATM" patients to participate in the experiment. Patients were asked to perform two masturbation sessions at intervals of one day. Two after masturbation, if the patient's body start to smell the stench, immediately detect blood from patients. If a large amount of semen is detected in the blood of the patient, then it is confirmed that the gonads of the male patients do inhale semen into the blood vessels.
Experiment two:
We invited several "PATM" patients to participate in the experiment. Patients are required to stay in crowded places (such as: shopping malls, railway stations, waiting rooms) for at least 3 hours. This will make the patient feel nervous, nervous patients can accelerate intestinal absorption of skatole. If the patient and others can clearly smell the body began to spread fecal odor, immediately extract the patient's blood test. If they detected a large number of skatole components in the patient's blood, so that patients will indeed be inhaled vascular skatole e.. (Note: the experiment must be carried out in the hot summer temperatures will accelerate the absorption of E. skatole.)
Experiment three:
If the second experiment can make patients with intestinal absorption of skatole, so this experiment can solve this problem.
First of all, we invite several PATM patients to participate in the experiment. Our experiment was conducted in a closed room with indoor heating and heating temperatures higher than outdoor temperatures. We require patients with "PATM" to enter the laboratory and stay long until the patient feels hot and dry. (Note: at least in the laboratory to arrange for 10 healthy volunteers, because "PATM" patients in the crowd along with nervous tension can accelerate the absorption of E. skatole.) When the patient feels hot and dry, the patient's anal sweat glands begin to heat up and begin to emit fecal odor. At this time the blood samples from patients immediately, if can be detected in the blood of patients there is a lot of skatole ingredients, so that patients with colorectal indeed absorbed scatol.
Through the above three experiments,we can found that patients with body does occur some changes, so we need to start exploring the cause of the medical research.
"PATM" is a terrible disease that has destroyed the life of a patient. When they were a group of young children, the disease left them desperate. They were ostracized, leaving school, leaving their jobs, closing themselves up, afraid of touching people, because their bodies smelled bad and had a bad influence on others. The doctor could not help them because it was a disease that had never been discovered. They did nothing wrong, but the disease ruined all their dreams. Who's going to save the poor children?
I hope people who see this letter can spread it, so that more news media and medical research institutions are concerned about the disease, so that the terrible "PATM" can be cured, thank you!

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Ni hao, friend!

I have previously commented about this being related to masturbation/ejaculation on this site, and I never got serious responses. I do seem to notice a reduction in reactions after a few days or a week of abstaining from masturbation/sex.

Do you guys have large half moons on the bottoms on your fingernails? I do, and I've read that this is a sign of zinc deficiency. This relates to masturbation because we lose zinc when we ejaculate.
Chen Jianxin, is there any way we can contact this Chinese PATM community? I would like to read their discussions through an online translator, if possible.
Zinc supplements exist. You can overload yourself with as much zinc as you want to see if it works.
Please send me the link to the peer reviewed article where you read the relationship between masturbation and zinc because I’ve never heard of it.
Zinc is known scientifically to kill certain strains of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria so it helps our immunity in a way.
Just google "lose zinc ejaculation" and read the threads - this topic has a lot of momentum. Not saying zinc intake will resolve everything, but it's worth looking into.
Thank you for your reply.

Someone years ago suggested that zinc and kelp cured his problem. I immediately spotted what they had in common. Kelp has lots iodine. Zinc and Iodine have been used on many occasions for their antibiotic properties. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me.

Given what I know now I wouldn’t have tried it. I have a “NOW, Zinc, 50 mg” bottle sitting on my cupboard. I’ve been using it for about a week, years back. It made me a little dizzy at times. It also made PATM a little worse for me which is why I stopped.

The only way for you to know is buy the supplement and try it yourself. I believe many have tried it too.

Notice I was asking for a peer-reviewed article or academic journal article but not just random internet pages written by anyone but I did find the first few pages and people suggested many things not just zinc.. there’s protein, enzymes, sugars, acids and bases… man that’s almost 95% of what’s in the blood. Why just zinc as a possibility? When I did a course on reproduction a long time ago, the semen is the fluid that sperm cells swim in. If I remember correctly it was mostly protein and nutrition for the sperm to survive until fertilization. Here’s an academic journal article explaining the different components.
Perhaps you can refer to Wikipedia which also references this article among many. Please observe zinc is second lowest in the list. Protein, Citrate, Sodium and Fructose are the most abundant and it makes sense because it protein is needed for growth and repair and glucose&Fructose as food supply for the sperm cells.  
The reason why academics use and only accept academic journals, especially peer-review ones, is because that’s the only ones that we can be sure to have proof backing it up. Elsewhere on the internet people refer to scientific findings or come up with an opinion based on subjective ideas or hearsay and sometimes a complete lie to personal gains.

In the past, only academics referred to academic journals for solid verification but now common people have taken that up that approach, ever since google scholar was available to ordinary citizens.

I’ve seen people dig up almost anything on the internet and post it as if it’s truth. Most of these webpages are created by people whom have no science background or worse, know less than people on this forum.
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