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The positives of my PATM

   People, embrace your PATM!  I can clear a whole crowded restaurant out...who likes crowds anyway?
I only have one friend who hangs with me, and I just found out, he had a bicycle injury, going from his frontal lobe, to his sinus, so he cant smell anything, lol
  More good news...my pets(dog and cat) actually love my smell (aura?)  I always find them laying on my pillow (eew) or any used artlicle of clothing I have, and they dont do this with anyone else in the house.
    Looking back,maybe this is why I only procreated with alcoholics or addicts, they may have been too distracted, to be allergic to me. My children arent allergic to me, they are like the pets, they follow me around, etc.
   Most of the Sneezers seem to be of an upper-class, older, and well-dressed.  It would make sense that me, being a poorer person, may have a mildew odor, from lack of funds to fix leaks around the house, etc~~
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  One more thing about the laundry situation....I tend to procrastinate, both with the dirty clothes pile, and then after I put the clothes in the washer, I have forgotten them, and left them in too long, wet.., maybe several day swith the washing machine closed. Then I remember ,and put them in the dryer. Afterwards they smell fine when I first take them out (and I use all fragrance free products), but as soon as I sweat, the worst smell comes off the clothes,and I have to throw them away ,even bleach doesn't help.
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  People are allergic to this post
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Hello BoceprevirGal! People react to me as well, I don't know if I have an odor now but I used to. Nowadays even though people still react they don't complain about a smell. This condition is pretty effed up if you ask me.

How is your diet? Have you tried an elimination diet to see what makes you smell? Do you have food allergies? Have you tried stronger deodorants or copper clorophyl? If you need to talk sent me a message and please come to the PATM community!

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  Thanks Titanium_  I dont think it is simply my smell that wards people off, but also my personality?
   Deodorants make me smell way worse though, but I tried some of this golden-seal powder on my pits today, it's supposed to be for my dog, for flea control, but I thought, "why not give it a shot?"  
   It was working well until I drank this super strong home-made cappucino I made. The expresson beans weren't organic. I do better with an all organic diet. I havent tried the copper clorophyl, it sounds interesting, but I'm so broke.
   The better my diet, the better I feel though. I kind of enjoy being a loner anyway, at least that's what my horoscope says: that my loneliness is self-imposed. And I work for myself, but I can see how if I had to be at work with a group of people that were sneezing etc, that it would be a difficult situation indeed.
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reading your comments sounds to me that maybe you need to be abit more cleaner with yourself, home and pets.
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  Yes, I was thinking of hitting my clothes with Boraxo, folding them, putting then away, vacuuming the floor, and I like using eucalyptus oil an me and the pets.
   It's kind of horrible to thinkabout my dog clawing up dirt with his claws, and my cat rolling around in my neighbors dirt pile, where his car oil spilled, after he changed his oil, etc.  They do sleep right with me in the bed~
   I always hide my pillows from my pets and family members but they somehow find them and I come and there are dog or people butts on my pillow or something ross..hah
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