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Watch this video if you are skeptical about PATM!

So I watch this beauty guru on YouTube. Her name is Skye Wheatley and I think she’s from Australia. So after watching a lot of her videos I started thinking that maybe she has PATM, but it was hard to tell bc she doesn’t really film with other people. But I noticed that her boyfriend always has allergies when they would film together. And honestly it could also be that he just suffers from allergies in general. But she posted a video with her boyfriend today answering questions together titled “Our sex life/Engagement  ring/life as parents Q&A” you guys need to go watch the video and observe bc honestly it almost confirmed that maybe she has PATM. It looked like her boyfriend was really allergic to her. He could not stop rubbing his eyes, he cleared his throat at times, sounded congested. He looked very uncomfortable. Her boyfriends reactions is what I experience  when I talk to certain people. If anyone decides to watch the video, tell me what you guys think. Do you guys agree with me that maybe she does have PATM?
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Haven't seen the video yet but definitely going to check it out!
Even if this is not PATM it is a good way to check if we are on the same page how people react to us.
Take care friend!
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Thanks! Take care
I just watched the video again and she deleted a few scenes out of her video. The first part she was adjusting the camera for about a min and you see her bf constantly rubbing his eyes in the beginning of the video and she took it off.  It’s a really long video and i know towards the end he couldn’t stop rubbing his eyes anytime she would talk.
Ugh I just watched the whole video again and she deleted a lot of the scenes where he kept rubbing his eyes! So now the video appears normal. So forget it. It’s too late to watch it. The power of editing!
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yes reaction sure crazy i have live in sydney 1 years when i look video i have reaction from my eyes
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Hmm, maybe she was wearing way too much perfume?
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