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What gas do we emit?

We all know that the gas could be hydrogen sulfide or methane or someting nitrous depending on what consume. But this doesnt explain how it passes through glass windows/doors.

The sun emits infrared / UV radiations that can penetrate through glass and hence heat up our car interiors. Obviously, this heat radiations that the sun emits is odorless but perhaps our bodies emit similar radiations that are heaty and suffocating. Just few gases have a wavelength strong enough to pass through glass since their particles are small enough to penetrate.

Ive a feeling it isnt hydrogen or methane but something else. Perhaps if we could get some insight on this then we could find antibiotics to reduce this emission. Thoughts?
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For us PATM sufferers, its more of an ammonia smell which also includes an ammonia discharge around the groin/anus. I was on Neomycin for almost a month to reduce the production ammonia. Helped with the bad breath for a while but then my body got immune to it. I was still getting reactions from other cars while on Neomycin.
An interesting read:
w w w .ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/pmc/articles/PMC1419597/?page=1
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The radiation that comes from the sun is electromagnetic energy. Gas is not radiation but just airborne molecules. Electromagnetic energy is different from Matter so have different properties. Most people know this. This idea has been brought up again and again despite all the evidence in this universe is against it so I’m curious whether you’re trolling or not? If you’re honest about not understanding the difference, then I can continue to discuss.
Thanks for pointing out the difference. I would be trolling if I denied the existence of patm / tmau based on reactions. Not sure why you think I'm trolling when I'm just trying to merely understand how something (electromagnetic or gas particles) could penetrate through glass.
OK, fair enough. I’ll try my best to make it as simple as possible. Electromagnetic radiation is energy and has different properties. It basically has no mass and propagates in waves so only energy has waves. Matter is made up of atoms. Atoms make compounds. Atoms or compounds don’t radiate as they travel so don’t have electromagnetic waves as you stated. Most elements and compounds don’t interact with glass so doesn’t go through it, but if they do, for instance HF acid, it will pour through the glass destroying it. It can’t go through and leave it untouched. HF acid is very very strong so it’s obvious when it comes to contact with anything…. It will eat it away. Unlike the BS alien movie, if you had HF acid in you, you would have been dead.

The difference between a liquid and gas is that each liquid molecule is energized that it gets airborne as a gas molecule. For instance, we boil liquid water and the H20 molecules starts floating randomly in the air at 100 degrees Celsius but it’s basically the same compound as it was in liquid form or solid(ice).

Everything that comes out of your sweat, urination, breath was in the blood? You understand that right? I hope we agree on that so the rest can make sense. Anything airborne from your breath and sweat is in the blood too. Take a glass or test tube and urinate in it. Urination is excess and toxins removed from the blood. Whatever was in the blood will be in the urination too but in a different ratio. Mark the volume margin of the amount of urine sample and seal it tight for two weeks, 4 months, maybe a year. Check to see if the urination ever falls below the mark. Put superglue on the lid to seal it tight so nothing escapes. After 2 weeks you’ll be convinced that nothing produced from our body goes through glass. Keep it there for 60 years and nothing will change. That is because there’s nothing that we produce will go through glass.

The radiation idea from us is simply ridiculous because we simple don’t release any other than normal heat. Any other form is impossible and if for some miracle you are producing x-ray or microwave signals for instance, it can’t go unnoticed because it can be detected by almost any instrument and you’d cause interference on all electronic equipments wherever you go. If you won’t notice it other people will. Airport scanners would scream alien if you come close. You’d set alarms on and burn sensitive equipments like phones and laptops. Patients are required to remove metals before doing PET scans for a reason. If your radiation idea was true, you’d probably burn the machine or show up as a glowing angel if successful. The fact is the amount of crazy things that would happen to electronic equipments is unimaginable.

Note also that all frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum are used for something and have no reports of causing allergies. Each frequency in the spectrum is used for something, whether it’s communication, medical or cooking. Have you heard of weird phenomenon of people coughing and sneezing near some electronic equipment generating a form of radiation at a particular frequency? If it does happen it would have been easy to find out how and why.

Fair to say this idea is probably the most impossible in all of the PATM forum. If you tell this idea to a doctor he’d scream instantly and declare absolutely madness. He wouldn’t listen for a second and he’d be right because the idea is just impossible. Superman will have to come true for this idea to be ever close to being authentic. I hope that makes sense. If it doesn’t then it might indicate you’re an arts person and probably have no science background. For instance, none of this would make sense to an economist or accountant. I can still explain but it will take a very long time.

Sorry for asking but may I ask where you’re from and what you do? If this is too much to ask, then don’t worry about it. You take care.
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