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What was your BMI when PATM started?

BMI is a measure of weight over height squared. It’s used to predict whether we are underweight, normal, overweight or obese. There is a possibility that we are clustered in a particular category and may reveal something. To measure BMI, it’s (kg/m*m) or your weight in kilogram divided by height in meters squared. If you don’t know, just use BMI link below. For instances if I’m 94.5 kg and 1.96 m then it’s 94.5/(1.96*1.96) = 24.6. My BMI would be 24.6. So I’ would choose B) between 18.5 and 25.

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My BMI is 19.7 and have never had any troubles with being under or overweight throughout my life.

However, this brings up an interesting connection which is my struggles with intestinal bloating. I will wake up with a completely flat stomach but by night I will look 6 months pregnant. Severity will depend on what I eat throughout the day. Bloating does seem to be connected to intestinal permeability which is connected to PATM.
@Smellyorus, thanks for the info. Lets cross our fingers and hope for the best as more information is brought in, especially from MeBO.
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I was definitely a little overweight when I first noticed PATM - basically as puberty started. Nowadays I bike for my job, and I run quite frequently. Honestly I'm not sure being in shape has helped PATM at all, but I feel a lot better so whatever.
It doesn’t really matter what we are right now. What matters is what we were before PATM started.

For instance, most diabetics were obese when diabetes started. They can lose the weight and start exercising later but in most cases it doesn’t go away. It’s too late so it stays for life. The same thing can happen to us.
Mine is 22,62.I had never problems with overweight but due to intestinal problems I had always problems with big difference in kg like  18 kg for example which is huge difference I think.And now I need to raise about 5 kilos but I'm on a diet and it's summer and hardly can do this.But maybe in winter I'll do this.
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Not many people are interested in this survey...hmmm.
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OK, conclusion, obese level or underweight has nothing to do with PATM.
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