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Whats actually going down

To those supporting the side that this **** thing is caused by some sort of gas or virus, don't fool yourselves. Before you assume I'm knew to all this and refer me to the whole MeBo investigation just hear me. Patm isn't an actual thing, it's undiagnosed 'it basically doesn't exist/could be anything'. Therefore, the samples that mebo chose could have had anything up with them. So, we basically haven't moved anywhere from before that.

To say you have patm is to say you share the majority/all of the symptoms 'as there aren't that many' to someone else. We all know the symptoms and I can say I fall into the patm category. I'll explain why it's basic human behaviour in response to someone 'abnormal' and no ******** stench.

Firstly, actually observe what's happening. I've noticed I can control/predict the reactions. This alone defeats the prospect that people are reacting to some sort of irritant as reactions would be spontaneous/off-beat.

Secondly, what decides whether or not someone would react? We'll that's in essence the answer to patm. It's fundamentally the extent to which you hold back your emotions and energy. More tension and apprehension is created in an atmosphere where it feels like there should be something but there is nothing. This causes uncomfortable responses from people. It looks 'off' and provokes the nervous itching and coughing.

Thirdly, that's only partly the cause. Your thoughts shape your world, so if you've conditioned yourself into expecting people to react to you what the ***** stopping them? Telepathy isn't the backbone here, it's more limbicly resonating with people and people feeling your vibes. Truth is people 'all humans' are incredibly deep readers and headspaces are always shared and connected.

There's more, presence in the moment and grounded thoughts. Most of us here I'm sure do experience the floaty mind and can feel very 'open'. This comes about where we've gotten ourselves too deep and trapped into our negative thoughts. There's no security and it feels as if you've practically lost your mind. How that would cause someone to react falls down to it appearing abnormal and strong vibes/presence being given off as not all of your energy is focused. It practically leaks :P

I know some of this seems almost unreal 'leaky energy' 'limbic resonation' but we've delved into deep water. We've noticed the sub-conscious behaviour most people ignore/don't pay attention to.

Peace y'all

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PATM is an explained condition. Trust me, everyone could share similar symptoms but there could be different reasons behind each.

What are you implying? Are you stating that this is just some negative thought/energy that one gives which leads to all the reactions?

For how long did you've it?
I think its due to damaged nerve cells in spinal cord. I had myopia so i look things more aggresively more focussed. This causes electric disruption in mind and Patm.
Had it for half a year and spent all that time questioning. Found out these hard facts.
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How did you develop patm betterlife420? What was the gradual change in yourself to notice these symptoms? I've had patm since far back as I can remember. I think you have the right idea in understanding patm and thus giving yourself a better explanation. Would you describe yourself as someone who is abnormal and if so, in what sense? I would say I have some anxiety which creates a complicated behavioural complex for me. I'm thrilled you mentioned the floaty mind feeling as some people have yet to come to grasps with this because they are so fixated on patm, they lose sight of what else is happening to them. I think I'm one of the worsts with patm on the spectrum (I get people vomitting daily, countless times) I would describe myself as a hermit/recluse with very little verbal communication.
Btw I'm also from London area.
Right now as I type people are coughing violently but that's alright as I've programmed myself to not influence me and hence it doesn't.
You're on my wavelength.

It started when i smoked tons of weed then withdrew and became a nervous wreck. I noticed a sniff one day and was like okay? Coughs came a week or two later.

I focused on it out of curiosity/fear to figure out what it is. I then fixated on it for a time long enough to move the fearful thoughts into my sub-conscious, where i'm just expecting reactions and living in self-conditioned fear.

It's a self-fulfilling idea.
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Hello, describe a little of what I currently think, since I was analyzing and asking as thousands of people and reading some articles about fear and tics. The most incomprehensible is the speed at which the PATM is propagated, the practitioner has a speed of light, is instantaneous, apart from having no smell, people turn around as if they were being observed by someone, I asked hundreds of people about; What do they feel when they look or redden in that way? The answer was that; I feel like someone is watching me. On the other hand, the supposed MEBO says that the cause is intestinal or liver or any other breakout of our body, but they themselves do not say that we issue, which is PATM? Is it gas or what? I also tried over and over the penetration of wooden walls and thin walls, I also tried to pass through the windows like the window, I tried it over and over, then, what is PATM? Why travel so fast? The doctors practically ignore you and call you crazy then you are sent to the psychologist when you do not understand. My symptoms are; Fear suddenly without a cause but at the same time you see a fear that you can not understand why, I do not have problems to do adventures, climb mountains, parachute or any other extreme sport that others fear, but this rare fear is presented Sometimes, it is incomprehensible that fear, anxiety, anxiety leads to our intestines are unbalanced, etc. I currently partially control, there are moments where I totally control, it is a matter of feeling with oneself and leaving aside the people who cough-throat, is more nor do you watch, another thing I tried was; When I think of stressful things like problems or very negative things in the world like the news, my intestines start to make noises, that is, I get a stress and this is reflected in my intestines automatically creating some gas. I believe that PATM is a combination of stress-anxiety, fear and rejection-demanding oneself. The solution would be to love and love yourself too, to remember traumas of the past and to leave, to forgive, to feed well, because if you eat well is synonymous with loving oneself, taking a vacation or going to relax in a park making an effort . On the other hand also note that when we are calm-normal people are very happy around us, it is like that for some reason we have an energy superior to the others, we are like a "failed leaders" (you have sometimes experienced that a certain person You are filled with joy or relaxation? Well, those same people have a high energy, only they have the ability to handle and we do not know and we are filled with stress-anxiety-fear-guilt, etc.). I also read this, but I think the guy found one already advanced, besides ours is perceptible ..... https: //sites.google.com/site/jldiasahun2/parafreniadekraepelin
I've never thought it was a gas/irritant and I never will, it's physically impossible for it to be. It is thoughts essentially, that have no limit to the speed which they can travel. Most of us have awakened and joined the higher consciousness where there are no barriers to what others can feel from us.
Having no fear or judgement, grounding ourselves and being in the moment helps.
ocvq - You said people feel like "someone is watching them." What other comments have you received?
interesting reaction
Algunos a los que les pregunte respondieron; me siento observado, noto o siento  mala energía, alguien me sigue, siento calor, siento alergia, mi garganta me escuece, parece que tengo  pulmonía, estoy agarrando gripe, siento una corriente de energía. Algunos solo dicen; nada.
El doctor te atiende tosiendo y rascándose, luego te dice que no tienes nada, cuando les preguntas del por que empezó a rascarse y toser-carraspear, te responde medio enojado como si les estuvieras tomando de tonto. repito, la velocidad llama la atencion, como se explica que en milisegundos llene un teatro grande-amplio con PATM? Ni los creadores de bomba biologica llegaron a conseguir esas velocidades de propagacion.
Some who I asked answered; I feel observed, I feel or feel bad energy, somebody follows me, I feel heat, I feel allergy, my throat stings me, it seems that I have pneumonia, I'm catching the flu, I feel a current of energy. Some just say; nothing.
The doctor treats you coughing and scratching, then tells you that you have nothing, when you ask them why he started scratching and coughing-throat, he responds half angry as if you were taking them silly. I repeat, the speed draws the attention, as explained that in milliseconds fill a large-wide theater with PATM? Neither the creators of biological bombs got to achieve these speeds of propagation.
superb research.. insects and animals also react. I found cows,dogs gather near my house. bats,crows,butterfly,snake,spider,mouse,ants,mosquito,termite,fungus(more common),cat try to reside near my house some have layed eggs......

I noticed you on cecilia's blog ocvq, read the most recent post she made. Explains how those who are awakened can share their emotions and fears. We have the chance to become 'leaders' and guide others, we just need peace.
In the blogg cecilia conditions that you are religious and think only in the positive, something that will never be fulfilled, that is, no one in this life or at least in the life of mankind someone became only positive, any extreme Has its consequences, on the other hand religion must not be conditioning, that is to say; You simply have to let the thoughts flow because it is the only way I found that you can be in a good mood and relaxed and along with it lowers anxiety, loving yourself helps a lot because with that face the throat and with the Time you will realize that things are reduced little by little, it is not overnight.

On the other hand I personally did experiments to refute each writing of this forum like others similar to Cecilia bloggs, I personally experience the; Speed ​​of the PATM, ability to penetrate thin walls, the distance of reach, penetration or flow against climatic currents either against the wind or in full rain where PATM practically does not discriminate the climate since it is constant, if it were Gas this would only be directed Wherever the wind takes you and also it would not spread so fast, then, all that data I experience, do not take out any bloggg. On the other hand, food helps a lot, eating more vegetables, leaving canned foods, eating well will help you to create enough energy to deal with anxiety, in 1 or 2 weeks you will notice that when you eat more vegetables you will have more energy-gain and You will not feel so annoyed with the cough-hoarseness-spit-allergies ....... (I am not religious and I have enough arguments for my definition).   https://lairofthesilverwolf.wordpress.com/
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"I repeat, the speed draws the attention, as explained that in milliseconds fill a large-wide theater with PATM? Neither the creators of biological bombs got to achieve these speeds of propagation."

This is the title of my story. Bang on. Personally i dont think its negative energy but maybe im wrong. I had an instance where i could have the speaker in a HUGE ballroom choke up/cough while speaking on stage from the opposite end of the ballroom. But thats' not the weird part, the fact that they identify you being the cause is what baffles me. How on earth did that person know that im the one giving off that odor from such a distance when there are 100's of other people there. Weird!?
but its real I found commentators in cricket match cough when I watched it on tv live.........so miraculous
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Read Ivan's blog too, I'm sure it's a sort of combo of the two; toxic vibe 'someone clearly not right in the head' and repressed energy. Both falling under the awakened category, that we are in the higher consciousness and can connect beyond limits with other people. @ocvq
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