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Why aren’t we creating AWARENESS?

Why aren’t we creating AWARENESS?

Hi fellow travellers, I’m really worried by the activity in this forum. For many years lot’s of users asked questions and tryied to get solutions. Nowadays I just see less and less activity over here.

And i would like to know why.

If you just wonder what is PATM, you’ll have plenty of information down here in this forum. It’s basically a disease that yet has not been discovered or explained, where sufferers tend to affect others without affecting themselves.

This may correspond with the definition of auto-inmune, but is not yet declared, just percieved by us like that.

This is something that we neither believe, at first sight. From my point of view, I never considered that this could be real, but a simple google search drove me here, and after reading +100 exact cases like mine I realized that it was indeed true.

But we are not here to cry, neither complain. We don’t want to be treated as insane, neither to get uncorrectly judged by medics as psychiatrically ill people.
They won’t never understand, exactly like we didn’t before we realized what was going on. And to be clear, realizing what was going on did not include understanding or knowing the reasons behind it.

That’s why we are here, most of us went to some doctor, super worried, trying to get an explanation. But it was refuted by some statement, a statement made by a doctor. And when it comes to health, we all know they always have the last word (doesen’t matter who or when, if they just have a medicine degree and you don’t, instantly you are just ripped off from your thoughts and overcomed with a certain statement)

I propose to ourselves to create a campaign, where we can demonstrate that we are real people behind this, and not only some characters in a forum. In many occasions I tryied to show this site to various medics, whose unfortunately didn’t give a single ****.

This campaign would be entitled: “It exists” or “It is real”. I propose to create a website and start uploading our different stories, with a photo holding a ceirtain message (therefore “it exists” or “it is real”)

I’m already aware that MeBo decided to intraprend a certain study on our condition, but I personally believe that this is more related to the lungs than to the belly. We may be taking the wrong path towards this, and it would be awful and frustrating to realize it 5 years later.

Tell me what you think about this, and please don’t try to illuminate us with the “truth” if you don’t have any proof about it. This is the main approach we should take. I personally believe that there must be a reason why all this people that came before in here are not anymore around, and would want to know why.
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When we create awareness it is typically thrown out as a delusion.  Most of us are hopeless there is no fix in sight, have tried what's on this forums with no complete success so we lurk.  I'm all for you creating more awareness but figure it will quickly be discredited.  BTW I find myself sneezing a lot recently so I don't think that we are immune from it, it's just we live with it so we are more immune to the symptoms.
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"I personally believe that there must be a reason why all this people that came before in here are not anymore around, and would want to know why. "

I would like to know that too, who learned to live with it? Did somebody die? Somebody got cured?

This is a weird mystery that people just dissapear.
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I'll be honest here.  The patm I have is not some regular bad bacteria .  I have spent my whole year researching. you know what I have concluded.  This is frequency related.   Im done trying to convince other people.   I have all the video proof we need yet no one cares.       Bad diet did not cause this as some state here.    wake up we are the lab rats.  When you research deep enough you will see that.   med help block a lot of good info and links so I'm moving on from here.
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There are two problems that we haven’t fixed. 1. It’s hard for PATM to be taken seriously when our community doesn’t have consistent beliefs. Some people make delusional claims, and the whole idea of PATM itself is easy to just look down as a mental illness. For example, try explaining PATM to a loved one and they will think you’re crazy.

2. There are simply not that many people suffering from this worldwide. The fact that this is the only active forum on the internet and it has less than 100 active posters makes it a very rare condition. Don’t expect scientists to study and put priority on this without enough financial interest.
Hey guys.I'm sure that PATM is a methylation problem.Because methylation is so important process in out body to digest properly proteins in the body.Methylation is about methyl groups(CH3).You know whtat is TMAU-trymethylalaminuria(CH3+N).Somehow I think that PATM is related to TMAU2.So the process is in the liver and guts and reflects to the brain.But here is the thing.There are about 5 types of methylation problems.That is why some things works for some people but for others don't.It should be individual treating because it depends on the case.So the 5 types of methylation problems are:1.Undermethylation 2. Overmethylation 3.Copper overload 4.Pyrrole disorder 5. Heavy metal toxins .The key is that we need balanced methylation.It doesn't matter what we have like bacteria,parasites,heavy metal overload,mycotoxins because when you don't have proper methylation-that means that you have toxins in the body.Methylation problems are related to electric signals to the brain and are related to problems with levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin,dopamine etc also histamine levels.That is why PATM is also through phones,WI-FI etc because they have electromagnetic frequencies and some toxins like mold grows on electromagnetic frequencies.Read more about methylation and epigenetics.Read articles from dr Samantha Gilbert,dr Mensah etc.
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U have to really understand the human anatomy and cellular function to realize coming on here is not healthy and the stress will increase and decrease immunity and cellular function to get better ---- this is why I avoid but sometimes I check in to see a quick fix of course like everyone else --- i did beat this before -- I swear to GOD -- but coffee and sugar got me back to it --- also I. Doing a bit better as taking a b c vitamins in am with food and mg at night -- the time of day u take your vitamins is crucial  and I do not take any other supplements not even probiotic as I just eat clean
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And everything smelly wrote is 100% accurate
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Correction I meant mind space
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Hello everybody,

It’s not that people are leaving or getting cured. It has to do with people changing their username every 3 months or so. You lose track of who is who. Why people do this, I don’t know. Maybe they are scared that the government will identify them or maybe they just want to become anonymous. Very frustrating.
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