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You'll be okay. Even if you do stink so what?

This will probably trigger some of you, but unless someone tells you that you smell it's in your head. You're not crazy, just broken down. Believe in yourself and also learn to quit thinking about yourself all the time.

Even if I'm wrong don't live your life by being a smelly person. Have faith in yourself and care for others.
I still see people rubbing their noses all the time. BFF. You matter go out and live your life to the mqx.
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Most likely you have OCD. I see everyone on here has a theory of sibo or parasites or electrical charges.
If this is the case then take care of yourself and surround yourself with solid people.

You matter and deserve a happy life
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Are you a sufferer?
Yes I've only heard one person say that I stink, but people rub their nose or move away from me all the time.
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When people stop and stare or turn around when you are walking behind them and stand there to make sure it’s you they smell. Or say “is that her smelling like that” then the young girl with her comes where you are and then say yeah that’s her. Not in our heads. I really wish people would stop saying that.
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Id much rather be crazy then stink, but unless people are telling you that you stink all the time I doubt you do.
Does my head in aswell, people saying it's in our heads. Countless times I've heard people complaining about smells, probably over 50 times, that's not including reactions which is everytime I'm close to somebody. Such a cruel existence.
This all has to do with how our bodies break down carbs and unhealthy fats.
I don’t know about anyone else. But mine comes through my nose and throat. It seems to be in the tissue.
You guys could be right, but so could I. So I'm just gonna keep eating and living life as a possibly stinky boy
Also one last thing I'll say is this.
My coworker is very upfront. I've asked him and he said no.

Anytime we pass a sewage plant or I open my bag of food he says ew that stinks did you **** your pants?

You have to consider that maybe our minds are unwell
Also are you two preoccupied with you physical attractiveness?
I am so tired of people saying that it’s in our minds.
Because I suffer too and it is. People may rub their n0se but you don't stink bud.
Try and keep that thought in your head all day tomorrow and watch what happens.
If it's in our minds how come some days I could be happy as Larry not even thinking about patm and suddenly somebody will say have you farted? Or start having a coughing or sneezing fit, which ruins the rest of my day. It's 100% a physical issue.
We can never be neutral with our minds whilst people are disgusted by our presence. Don't you get it? It's a vicious cycle of people reacting and us becoming sad and angry.
I know it's our problem, I'm not denying that. You're suggesting that it's some supernatural phenomenon created by our minds, you're just making your problem worse by not accepting that your body has a physical problem.
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The nose rubbing is from parasites or fungal spores flying from us into people's noses. It's not from a smell. That's not how people react to smells, think about it.
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I always thought it was due to the excess ammonia coming out of our pores, because our bodies cannot get rid of it properly.
it is a combination  
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