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depression/anxiety/bad foods/telepathy

sorry for my english but i do telepathy since a long time, somr people have a more
open mind than others, patm is like a transfer of your bad health symptoms to people, it is not about distance. it is about your mind set, all day everyday we have to take care of our health, patm is like a reflexion of our mind we dont want to see, to feel. Patm is like a mirror .
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i still have patm symptoms that have decrease a
lot with anti depressant pills and with good good music (like hillsong united) hanging out with people you love, nature , sunshine everything that make you feel good
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patm is a warning , illness are a way to show you that you have to take care of yourself. It could be a cancer, an accident ....some people are lost in the wrong way and something has to happen to them to change
patm is not a warning to impending illness. lots of people have had this strange thing for many years and always check out good at physicals.
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or is it EBSTEIN Barr  Virus Stage 3 in our liver or thyroid releasing toxins that our body can't clear? I'm looking into this.
There's really no test and lots of doctors don't know how to treat it.  PATM is related to toxins from either a virus, mold, bacteria, parasite ect and negative thoughts probably feed it. Methylation pathways could be involved. i'm doing genetic testing. Homocysteine should be under 7.
Or it could be something external like VOCs that are in air that get absorbed through our skin and lungs and then we carry them with us when we leave home or whatever where we are exposed to VOCs that could be possibly generated by toxic materials or mold or whatever
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