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me too
HI ,I am a person who is sufferin gfrom the same disorder,believe me ,it is not easy.Atleast in my case unlike some of the others the area which is causing the problem is known to me. I think it is my colon which is causing the problem.
you may ask as to why this happened
1)Firstly i used to experience extreme flatulence in my area.
2) Also the people who are mostly affected are those who sit behind me the people who sit beside me are mostly not affected.
3) Thirdly my problem does not cause any bad odour, never .
4) fourthly, when i went to the doctor he prescribed me an antibiotic for my flatulence after which I took it and all the mysterious coughs and sniffles vanished .That was my dream age. Unfourtanetly after  i stopped taking the drug it again started.

   unlike many of the many people I never noticed this diesease. It was my friends who noticed it and started distancing themselves from me. pray you are never like me ,anyone seeing me now would never know that i was one of the fun loving guys in schools, nowadays i am a person who is lonely has no friends sits in the room reading playing computer games  I never leave my house . believe me it was only yesterday I found out about this . I had no knowlege of this community.
I  live in one of the thirld world countries india where fortunatley medicines are availabel at a cheap cost  but there are not so many good doctors or facilitlites  like in the west.
by the way are the symptoms for candida are causing red eye sniffles coughs in other people
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