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To many people,
                              I would like to say I found out about this forum about two days ago. We should  go step wise while solving this problem.
Firstly we habe to find the part of the body from where the allergen is coming maybe it might be the mouth stomach
anus etc We have to find out which is it > This is probably the easiest portion of our research.
2) Take antibacterials, which I was in school, I had the same problem The Doctor mistook it for some intestine disorder and served some tablets for it >Imagine my surprise when the symptoms cleared up instantenously  after I stopped taking the tablets It started again
3) So I know it is my colon or something so I drink lots of water everyday almost 4or 5 bottles of water >This keeps my PATM symptoms super small.
4)Stop taking dairy products
5)Try not to be suicidal . when the symptoms get very high I too get suicidal
6)my symptoms are itchy nose ,coughing sneezing so I conclude it might be some gas like ammonia produced in my body or it  be some respiratory bacteria fungietc
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