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patm cure

forgiveness is the key of patm free stop anger hater jelous all this negative emotion be positive all the time
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That's all good for the mental aspect of patm. How does it solve the biological one though?
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Stress, depression, nervous etc all negative mental feeling have a tremendous impact in our health and inmune system.
Depending severity of patm a good mood will improve super health condition and healing thats the answer for those guys cured from patm they ignored, they started smiling, exercising and they dint even change diet.
Just remind you you cured stinky feet when you were child this is same.

But for us with advanced sistemic cronic patm is not gonna work until we correct the problem in our gut clean the guts kill candida all over the tract replace with good bacteria.
We have about 8 pounds of good bacteria in our guts, you drink halcohol, coffee, antibiotic so that will reduce it.
In our gut there is a war between bad and good bacteria.
Good bacteria require fiber and good food.
Bad bacteria require sugar, carbs refined foods fats etc
Your mental health will support strong inmune system and  will avoid yeast to grow in combination with good bacteria and its acids like acid lactic.
The abuse of junk food alcohol coffee will kill good bacteria allowing bad bacteria to colonize the whole digestive tract
So add bad mental health = weak inmune system.
The short small intestine is the headquarter of our inmune system.
So no headquearter for our inmunensystem
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