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this thread was crated to share all spiritual, supernatural, paranormal, metaphysical experiences related to PATM
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astral projection
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I'll share here one thing that I wouldn't at the normal session.

Before this problem started 3 people (2 of them were strangers) came to me invinting me to visit church. I know this may sound quite normal but it just happened to me like that only those 3 times.

After the last refused invitation my life just got worse.

Even though I'm a religious person I'm open minded and choosed not to go.

Maybe we all need to have more faith and better vibrations in whatever we believe, I just don't know...
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from another site

I don't know if this a good place for what I want to say and ask. I'm sorry if it isn't. I must try because it's too important for me.

I was never into this stuff before. Never believed in such things. But life surprised me unpleasantly and now I must seek for help. It started happening few years ago and grew into something I can't handle anymore.

I've heard something about body energy, auras etc. I've heard all people have it. I guess it's alright for them because nobody is complaining.

My energy, aura (or whatever should I call it) is different. It's affecting people (little kids and animals also) in a not very pleasant way and it's completely out of my control.

I can sense presence of people without seeing them or hearing. And they somehow know about it. There is this invisible energy field around me. It will make people cough, choke, sniff, scratch their heads, whistle, make some obnoxious sounds or react in other weird, inappropriate way (when I'm out of their sight, silent). I saw them freezing, dropping things on the floor or looking at me with hostility, suspicion, fear. People would follow me when I'm walking in the supermarket until they realize it's not something they really wanted to do (like they would wake up from a hypnosis). When I'm passing by they will stop moving and just stand still with this blank stare. Some will simply run away or whisper something too me (rude things occasionally). When I speak to a single person it feels like my voice is directed to every person around. And they behave like it is. Everybody stops doing their thing and focus on what I'm saying. Not because I have a special or loud voice.

It's difficult for people to have a conversation which is audible for me. My brain will focus on what they are saying and will interfere somehow. They start feeling uncomfortable. Conversation ends awkwardly. If I hear somebody laughing out loud in far distance it will end up instantly making this person cough. I'm entering room full of people (I work in a restaurant) conversations stop, eating stops. Complete silence. I'm in the spotlight now. Some of them watch what am I doing with the biggest concern. Like everybody is waiting for me to do something unexpected. This will not happen because I don't want any attention, I just want to do my thing. I look normal and behave the same. As soon as I leave everything is back to normal, everybody is enjoying with a relief.

Animals are very sensitive to me. This dog ran like crazy when my finger moved. Not to mention other one that bit me.

It's unbelievable how fast people react when I would just look in their direction. For example: I'm riding on a train, some person outside is standing far away in the distance, turned back to me. I look (just a glance), this person feels something and reacts to this immediately. It happens also when I see somebody's reflection in window or when I observe through surveillance cameras. Person will start looking around, searching for something. But nothing is there except me, but I'm too far away to be noticed. Some people can't walk straight when I come close (they tend to go towards me). I'm just moving forward, looking somewhere else, minding my own business. Some have trouble with standing up from a table when sitting next to me. Like they were struggling with some kind of a force. Friend once told me this: "Something is pulling me in your direction. And it's something evil". He was drunk and didn't remember anything the next day. But it only confirmed my theory that I affect people under the influence even more.

Some can't stand my presence. Few flat mates moved out from the same apartment. Many of them complained about feeling weird or having strange dreams. So I avoid people as much as possible. I always try to stay away and be silent at all times, to not to draw any attention. But something inside me wants all of it and I can't help it. It wants everybody to just shut up and focus on me (in short).

I feel this energy mostly in my legs (feet precisely) and also hands (people often look at my hands with unusual attention). It's very uncomfortable and hard to describe feeling. Sometimes shivering occurs. Also I'm feeling some kind of a short circuit in my head when somebody is near and is doing something (making noise, talking, moving). Then this impulse I create will make this person react. These sensations will stop as soon as this person will fall asleep. It also calms down when I listen to my mp3 player, but strikes immediately after song ends. Silence makes energy more effective. Worst is when people cough. They do this a lot. Why? Does it make them feel better? Coughing occurs often when I'm feeling emotions (like fear, sadness, happiness, anger etc). When I would think about saying something to somebody I'm having conversation with, but not actually saying it. When I'm creating a conversation in my mind. When I think about a person near me and in many other various situations. Energy is strongest in the morning right after I wake up and in the evening when I'm tired. There are days when it's weak, but then the next day it will come back stronger. I wish I could explain all this better, but circumstances are against it. I hope you get the idea.

How do you think does it feel for a person when I'm near? What kind of feeling makes them do all these unexplainable things?

Maybe it would be fun to have such ability but only if it was under control. Mine is out of control and is with me all the time. It makes my life really miserable and exhausting. That's why I'm looking for any help.

What is happening to me exactly?

Can anybody help me? Perhaps tell me how to control it or just help me to understand it better? Now it's beyond my comprehension and it scares me. I would be thankful for any advice.

Sorry for my english and thank you for your attention:O
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every time i read this last post i can't believe how my story is similar
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You need to learn to channel your energy inward, keep it for yourself, control the flow of it.....you can stop your energy from affecting others by BELIEVING and KNOWING you can....all you need to do is pull your "tuning fork" out of others....choose to NOT tune in to them...meditation, yoga, helps.  Visualize yourself being surrounding in a healing protective chamber of gold and white light....seal your energy in and keep it there....and focus being IN THE MOMENT.   What you believe and think, you make reality.  YOU hold the power to stop "dipping" into others thoughts and the like....it's all up to you.  Consciously stopping your energy outpouring to others is possible.  You have to learn to control your gift.  If we choose to be open, we will pick up everything and draw certain beings to ourselves....if we choose to block our "etheric tuning forks" to others, we can.  
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Stop believing in superstition and believe in the one true Infinite Being....silly to think that refusing an invitation to go to church, a place where MAN imposes his belief upon the flock causes ill occurrences in your olife....believe that God knows what is true and right....God would never make bad things happen to you because you did not attend and organized religion.  You manifest your fears and perhaps you feared reprimand for not going to church. God is not organized religion.  God is in your heart.  Praying is talking to God and meditation is listening to god....meditate.
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from other site

Human Electric Energy

Nerve impulses are electrical energy signals; and, they creates energy-fields around the body and electro-magnetic energy waves that can travel away from the body.

Nerve Impulses - Electricity in the Body

Human electricity energy is generated by chemical processes in nerve cells. Billions of nerve impulses travel throughout the human brain and nervous system. A nerve impulse is a wave of electrical activity that passes from one end of nerve cell to another. Each impulse is the same size it; it is the frequency, impulses per second, that carries information about the intensity of the nerve signal.

Neurons are the basic unit of the nervous system. Neurons are responsible for sending, receiving, and interpreting information from all parts of the body.

Nervous System - Human Electrical System

The nervous system is a network of cells called neurons which transmit information in the form of electrical signals. In the brain alone there are around 100 billion and there is a similar amount in the nervous system tissues throughout the rest of the body.

Nerves for relaying information to and from the senses.
Nerves for controlling the internal functions of the body.
Nerves for muscle movement.
Nerves for thinking.

Human Magnetism - Electro-magnetic Field

As electricity passes through a metal wire it causes an energy field or magnetic field. In a similar way, human electricity in the brain and nervous system creates human magnetic fields. There are billions of nerve impulses in the body and these are constantly creating complex human magnetic fields.

The human heart is a source of electro-magnetism that, even at a few meters away, is detectable by modern scientific instruments.

Magnetic Induction- Energy Transfer

The image on the right shows an input electric current producing a magnetic field around one wire; this field passes through another wire and creates an output electric current. In physical science, this is called magnetic induction.

Similarly, to magnetic induction in metal wires, the human electromagnetic field can be felt, or can influence, other people who are standing by. From your experience, do some people create a feeling within you when you are close by?

When close to some people, you may feel as if your body and mind becomes more energised, more hopeful and optimistic.
When close to other people, you may feel as if your energy drains away, a depressing or lazy feeling.

Electricity Waves - Energy Travel over a Long Distance

Electric force can transform into different types of energy waves, such as heat, radiation, radio and micro waves; and these energy waves can travel a long distance.

A changing magnetic field will induce a changing electric field and vice-versa, the two are linked. These changing fields form electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves can travel not only through air and solid materials, but also through space.

The human nervous system can create electric energy waves that can be measured with scientific instruments. The human body produces infra-red radiation that, with night vision equipment, can be seen from miles away.
This is right on, our body is releasing ions from our Nero transmitters that can't process some type of drug or chemical.
Or has changed because of.
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