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um i think i found the million dollar patm pill cure...

It's all negative thoughts lurking in our mind. You guys need to consciously change them. You guys have the option to struggle against these negative thoughts everyday or take an hr and focus on doing the work, so that we don't project our anger, fear onto people.

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My homocysteine level is 9.6 but in my lab report it says it’s in range and the range is 5-15
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If you talk to a functional medicine doctor,  9.6 is high! Mine is also around that range. We are not detoxing - our methylation cycle is off if our level is above 7. should be between 5-7.  I'm working on it.
Hmm I just googled and it says the range is 5-15
Talk to a good doctor about that.  The ranges have been moved up the last few years so what was high is now normal.   I had this problem with my sons lead test.  They literally doubled the "normal" range.  You have to remember the system we are dealing with is not really made to get us well.  Just drag us along and drain is and the ins. Companies.  Just my 2 cents
Hi all
Ideally it should be under 6.3, that is the so called "Therapeutic Target" or optimal health level

the 15 is the OK range for old people (60+) because their bodies do not take up B-vitamins as effectively as younger people do.

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What's your homocysteine level?   i definitely think it's bacteria. fungus mold, viruses OR parasites ect probably all of them! they probably communicate in some way. i have no idea but I had  some genetic testing and i'm not methylating properly.  homocysteine  should be around 5-7 i think - no more than 7- mine is high-which shows poor  detoxing. Diet is very important!! i'm eating Paleo and no sugar, alcohol, gluten, coffee. My EBV antibodies are  dry high. I'm definitely getting better, it takes a long time! I'm going to be taking low dose naltrexone to see if i can help my immune system. Also a bunch of supplements. If it helps i'll let you know
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Honestly, I couldn't tell you my homocysteine level because I never had that tested. And yes, your totally correct about dieting. Ever since I started eating properly and living a better lifestyle mentally and physically I am enjoying life much more. I let my life take it's course by eating healthy and staying strong with a positive mindset and I am 99% cured. If you want to know what I did you can read my recent posts. Whatever you do try not to think and stress too much over PATM. Good luck!    
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Serious question. For the ones that believe PATM is caused by virus, fungus or bacteria, how is it possible for it to travel thru phones or video chat? How come it's not detected in your blood test? You'd think it would make you physically sick if it's a virus or fungus, right? I don't think it's caused by any of that. But what I do know it that PATM is mysterious condition and it just doesn't make any sense. Having PATM is retarted but I am 99% cured and it took awhile to get here.
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Not sure I believe it's caused by any of those. they just seem to go along with this in some people.
if it goes through phone lines it is a frequency.  Parasites and rfid have been made to produce these frequencies.
it does not show up in the blood tests because they don't want it to.
trust me it all sounds crazy to me too.  I didn't plan on looking this deep into the crap our world is now into.   a quick look around the dark web and you realize all types of old and new poisons are for sale out there.  now I don't believe that this is exactly any of those things but it does get you to thinking.  
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The food you eat plays an important role in maintaining the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in your gut. I believe this is the main caused of patm. U guys can try to read this, it is worth it.
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Hello Theunlickier,

I agree with you 100%. The problem is eliminating this bad bacteria from our guts. You could eat the most healthy food for months and get careless or lose your guard once and the bad bacteria explodes in growth. Also, I’m thinking this particular bacteria is immune to the most potent types of antibiotics.
This bacteria/fungus/whatever it is hides under a layer of biofilm, and you have to kill the biofilm otherwise the cures won't be effective.

Natural ways to kill biofilm are garlic, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, oregano oil and berberine (contained in goldenseal supplement). They also recommend activated charcoal after taking these supplements to help wash all the junk out.
A lot of the things you mentioned I take. I also take activated charcoal, ginger, probiotics, parasite cleanses, I even started taking cbd oil to help with my anxiety. And none of that has really cured it. I noticed activated charcoal has been the most effective thus far. I also did 1 treatment of ozone therapy 2 days ago and it has helped with my PATM. It’s not completely gone but I feel the condition lessoned. I’m going to continue doing ozone therapy treatments in the hopes that it will cure my PATM.
Is ozone therapy covered by insurance? If not, how much out of pocket?
It’s not covered by insurance. It’s $215 per treatment in New York. Very expensive. I’m getting another treatment done on May 16.
Oh dang! I’m in NY. (Staten Island) Is it in Manhattan?
Pretty expensive but if it’s treatable it’s worth it.
They offer it in New York. It’s more expensive in nyc. Do your research though before thinking of doing this treatment. It’s very controversial but I decided to go ahead and get the treatment done because nothing has been helping. And I believe you have get a few treatments done.
There are people who eat way worse than me and much more unhealthy. Why don't they have it????
It's not about diet.  I know it's an unpopular opinion but man hats it's gunna take for people to see this.   Maybe everyone here has different things.  Like **** grouping it tmau. It's not even close.   Patm has 0 odor.  It carries your smells.   Please wake up everyone.  Or we have different problems.    
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That will not cure the condition. I was at work today in a 4 bedded room (I’m a nurse btw) and 2 EMTs came in the room to transport one of my patients to another hospital. And I overheard The female EMT telling  the male EMT “my throat feels itchy”. And the male EMT replies well that’s bc were surrounded by trees and there’s a lot of pollen (btw the room has huge windows, with a lot of trees outside so that’s what he was referring to and pointing at). They were in the room maybe for about 45 min. I started talking to another  patient in the same room and while I was talking to the patient the male EMT started clearing his throat. Then the female EMT says something like you feel it ? And he goes oh yea now I feel the allergies. I don’t think they had any idea it was me but I hate hearing that. But I can def tell that the female EMT thought it was strange cuz she kept bringing it up. The guy was def clueless and kept insisting well it’s allergy season. I couldn’t really hear their whole convo bc she was kind of talking low about the subject. Anytime he would clear his throat or sniffle (he started doing that a lot the longer he stayed in the room) she would be like “you see!”  I def felt uncomfortable bc she was bringing light to the situation.  I’m glad I don’t work with her cuz I’m sure she would start picking up the fact that I’m the issue. And what’s shocking is that she didn’t appear to have allergies. She wasn’t rubbing her eyes, or clearing her throat like some people normally do when I’m talking to them and she didn’t sound congested or have a stuffy or runny nose. I  felt comfortable talking to her when they arrived into the room. I guess the itchy throat was really bugging her. But as soon as I heard her talking about it, i started feeling bad for myself again and just wanted her to leave.
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Hi findacure
Interesting that you mention that, I have noticed a similiar thing.
Some of people that do not react to me in a noticeable way are the ones that start staring at me and avoiding me.
I get the occasional glue/burnt/garlic smell comment but they are not directed straight at me.
Take care all
Don't feel bad FindaCure, it may be a blessing that you working a hospital. Do you not have any coworker that is a doctor that you are comfortable with sharing this forum and even our observations, maybe they can help introduce this to the medical community other than a "delusion".
I don’t feel comfortable telling any of the doctors at work  bc I’m scared of losing my job. I just don’t wanna feel judged at work. If my own doctor can’t cure me then theres  no way a doctor at my job can help me and i work in a pediatric hospital. They wouldn’t know. I have an appointment with my holistic doctor and then GI doctor on May 9. So I’m going to see what they can do for me.
Hi findacure...how are u now?still working as a nurse?i had that same feeling  with u
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