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im abit worried i might be pregnant

My last period started on the 1st of this month..usually my cycle is 24-26 days so i was expecting my period any day from the 24th of this month. I had unprotected sex on 12th of this month but i took an emergncy morning after pill the next day..on 23rd,i had spotting in form of a brown discharge which i thought was my period starting but the spotting only lasted a day then stopped..my breasts are tender n abit painful but thats usually the case with me once in a while when i have my periods..ive also got very mild on n off cramps
Im worried bcz i suspect i ovulated around the time i had unprotected sex and the pill might not have worked in preventing fertilization.
My period is still yet to show,.its the 26th today,it should be here by now..its always on time
So my question is,.could the bleeding/spotting from.earlier be implantation bleeding?could i be pregnant?
Anyone reading this please advice..ill really appreciate it
Worried 22 yr old
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