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Can anything else go wrong?????

I dont even know if I can post this here but here it goes.  About 6 months ago out of nowhere I got pain in my chest, went to the hospital and all tests done on my heart were ok.  Since then I have had a horrible ringing in my right ear (for aobut 4 months) dizzyness that leaves me in bed, head aches daily, stomac pains on the left, pain in my jaw, head.  My heart beats so out of control is the only way to explain it, i had a holter monitor and of course during that 24 hours it did nothing.  It happens mostly when I do thing (like go up my stairs)  When I stand my head gets full of pressure and i get light headed for a few seconds with fullness in my head and right ear.  Very sik to my stomac, see spots in my vision all the time, and recently I have been getting a really weird taste at the back of my throat, like a tingy eww taste that makes my tongue feel numb.  My neck hurts on the left side, towards the bottom back and when I put pressure on it one day i got a rush of dizzyness.  Also i noticed that the chest pain is worse after I eat.  I dont know if the chest stuff and head stuff are at all related but I would love any kind of guess as to whats wrong with me.  i am a 24 year old female, dont smoke, dont drink, no caffein, as far as i was aware im healthy.  Single mom of 4 kids and so scared every time something happens, it seems like theres more symptoms every few weeks.
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