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Chest Pain near heart/Left leg and left foot pain

I have been having this problem for a long time and it gets worse with time. I basically had shortness of breath, back pain,feeling of phlegm some 4 months ago. Went to a doc and he said that it was Post Nasal Drip problem. Did a IgE test on me and it was high [around 385] Gave me some medications and it went away. The feeling of Phlegm and the same not being able to cough out still remains.
Since last 1 month, i have this heartache kinda thing on the left side of my chest. This is not continous but happens only when i stretch my back or move my neck or left arm. I also have a strange pain in my left foot and leg. dont know how to really describe it but it is more like that of a blood circulation problem. This pain in the foot and leg goes away when i stand and resumes if i lie down or sit cross legged.
I forgot to mention that i am a smoker who used to smoke 10-12 ciggs a day [ i hv got it down to 5 a day..Phew!].
I am really getting worried now...Can someone help me here...I really dont know if i am in the right forum or not...

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Your chest discomfort with stretching is not typical or cardiac problems nor is your leg and foot pain at rest. Regardless, you still have a significant risk for Cardiovascular disease given your smoking history. Why not stop? I would discuss your symptoms with your primary doctor so that he can rule out cardiac issues by a thorough exam
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