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I just took a blood test and my Cholesterol results are  T Cholesterol  177   HDL  104  LDL 60  Tri 65  I have been taking Lipitor 10 mg  for about 1 month and Zetia for about 1 year.  My report of 4/1  showed T Cholesterol 192 HDL 92
LDL 84 Tri 78  At that time was taking provachol 40mg and Zetia. My report of 11/15/07 T Cholesterol 197  HDL 103
LDL 77  Tri 84 Using Provachol & Zetia.  Report of 9/24  T Cholesterol  205  HDL 107  LDL 86 Tri 70. I have more reports but think these 4 are enough.  Before I took Zetia with Provachol  my LDL hardly went down.  In 04 LDL was 130 before I started on Statins.My HDL has always been high.  My Cardio put me on Statins because I have MVP with
Regurgation.   He feels keeping my Cholesterol low will keep me from needing surgery for a few years.  I also take Toprol XL25 for my MVP.  MY BP runs about 115-125 over 60 to 70.  He feels this will also help me not need surgery soon.   What bothers me is my LDL is 60.  I believe I have read that LDL if it drops below 70 is dangerous.  MY Cardio says the lower the LDL the better.   I dont know about that.   I am worried  about the low LDL  and also about taking statins.   I am worried about my MVP as well.   Other Cardios who have looked at my echo tell me to see a surgeon.  I am very confused and need help  
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Lots of information. I'm not sure what your question is. In your case a, Low LDL is a good thing. If you would like a more definitive opinion about your need for surgery, I would see a surgeon and have them review your echo results. Those decisions are usually made after a discussion between you your cardiologist and the surgeon.
Othe factors like your age, exercise tolerance and additional risk factors play a role. good luck
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