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Collapsed Veins??

I'm in the process of being Dx..they are looking for Vasculitis, MS, autoimmune problems..

I have a problem with some of the veins in my legs and arms, hand.  

from what I know (which isnt' too much)  I think they are collapsed... which
I was told by a nurse that it from blood tests?  

not sure how that would effect my legs...I don't have tests done there??

but, once in awhile...say once a week or so..the area get sore...right along where in indent in my leg
or hand, arm..is.. it's sore..

Now I haven't mentioned this to my Dr or specialist because I have so many other issued that they
are dealing with.  

should I be worried about the pain that come with the indents??  sorry, it sound strange I know.

thanks for any info
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Im not quite sure what "collapsed" means with reference to your legs. In your arms, she may be referring to collapse of the veins that occur with multiple blood draws. In your legs you may have some inflammation of the superficial veins. This is not uncommon and it sounds like in the scheme of things, it is not limiting your activities.

When the other problems are resolved, you might have your legs evaluated by a vascular surgeon who would probably consider doing an ultrasound.
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