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Diagnostic testing for circulation

I am concerned as I have had a pinched nerve or compression. My right leg and foot feel heavy,weak&numb.I have chronic pain.My right foot is cold and I have a right drop foot.I am tired all the time. I am also concerned I have a avr and am prone to uti's. I have a prolpased bladder that fell out of sling and a prolapsed urethra.I have spinal stenosis.
I do think I have cauda equina syndrome.My condition is worsening.I do not know if my bladder is cutting off circulation possible femarol artery,vein or illiac lymph node problem.possible cyst or lesion.I couls also have a stress fracture or hardware failure as I have pelvic and sacrum hardware from a traumatic motorcycle accident. I think my lymph nodes are sore. I might have auto immune problems.I have had trouble with my vision latley. pressure and pelvic pain.I am in need of help. I cant seem to get any diagnostic testing. I also have hypertension. I was admitted to a hospital last week for chest pain and headache.as well as my legs going paralized and back pain.MRI was ordered. results were artifacts.I had hypotension.I have a complicated history.I am in need of testing. ct scan.pet scan.bonescan. I think. any advise would be helpfull .
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The best test for circulation to the legs is the ABI ankle brachial index. Its noninvasive and can be done in 5-10 minutes. It should immendiately demonstrate any circulation problems. It is unusual for circulation problems to cause foot drop and numbness.

If your circulation is ok, you should see a neurologist for evaluation of your sciatica. he can determine what can be done to improve this. the MRI should be helpful to see any pinched nerve pathology.

Good luck. It seems like you have been through a lot
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