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Need Coumidan or not

In June of 2010 I was diagnosed with Chronic DVT . The cardiologist stated I had Blood Clots and need to start coumadin immediately. I was very suspicious at first because I had not had any clots since age 14. But he nusre stated most people do not even know they had clots. Understanding I was raised ot trust doctors I thought well, maybe they are right and started coumadin. During the course of interviews with the cariologist , he seemed a little evasive in his answers . So I called the vascular clinic to see if I actually had blood clots .The response was NO. They could see the scarring from the pasdt. They were surprised to discover this was from when I was 14 ( 41 years ago ). I also have a genetic disorder - homocystinuria. I am also having a blood test done next week to determine if I have a gene that puts me at risk for clots. My question is that with 41 years of not having blood clots do I really need to be on coumadin ?
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Coumadin or warfarin is indicated for the treatment of acute or subacute dvt in appropriate risk patients who have no contraindication such as bleeding issues elsewhere. Acute DVT is usually defined as being present for 6 wks or less. Acute DVT has a characteristic appearance on US which can distinguish it from old scar. The results of your testing is your medical record. Just request a copy and review it with your doctor or seek a second opinion. It wll be important to have the test result with you as the findings would determine the need for coumadin.  Good luck
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