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Ruling out aneurysms in my children

My father died at 40 due to 2 ruptured brain aneurysms. My paternal grandfather died of abdominal aneurysm. Myhusband's father died of a ruptued abdominal aneurysm. Therefore our children have significant history in both their parents. They are now young adults. Should they be screened and if so by what specialists and which procedure?
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In general familial predisposition for the development of abdominal aneurysms tends to run on the male side of families. Ultrasound is the ideal screening test to evaluate for the existance of an asymptomatic aneurysm and should be done once your children especially males reach the age of 50. The test can be ordered by their primary care physician. If an aneurysm was found--they would be referred to a specialist to monitor or treat the aneurysm.

Additionally your husban shuld be screened and your brothers should be evaluated also.

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