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Lately I've been having this severe shoulder pain.
I'm not quite sure how and why it's been happening.
I do not participate in active activities and I'm pretty healthy.I've checked online sources to see what may be the cause for this severe should pain I've been having for the past 5 days.
One of the reasons could be arthritis. Though that manly happens among older adults and I'm only 16.
Some of the symptoms I've been having are listed below:

* The pain started slowly.
* The pain travels from my shoulder to other parts of my body.
* The pain is worse during rest.
* The pain is worse during activity.
* The pain is worse at night (wakes me up).
* The pain is worse when raising my arm above my shoulder.
* I have noticed a loss of strength.
* I have lost mobility for doing things like putting my hand in my back pocket, combing my hair or putting a coat on.
* It hurts when I lie on my affected side.
* My shoulder feel like it could "pop out" of the socket or there is a "clicking" sound.
* I hear a "clicking" sound when I move my shoulder.
* My shoulder is tender to the touch.
* I had neck pain before I had shoulder pain.
* The pain is worse when I move my neck.

From what I know, this can be the result of a rotator cuff tear.
Though I'm not exactly sure.

I'm just wondering is this really serious?
Should I just wait it off?
Or get medical attention?

And do you know if surgery would be needed to correct this?

Your answers will be very much appreciated.

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There are a number of musculoskeletal disorders which can occur at a young age and in the absence of an injury. In my opinion, these problems are particularly concerning in a young person because of the potential to have problems over the rest of your life. In fact, an untreated injury and inflammation can result in "joint" problems that can become "arthritis". The bottom line is that you should be evaluated by a sports medicine or orthopedic specialist for your shoulder complaints. Youll know once and for all if this is a serious problem. good luck
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