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limb stenting

can heaviness in moving or standing in the limb affected by stroke be caused by blockage of arteries or does it always manifest itself by burning feeling when walking only ,should i do a duplex on the limbs?
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The same disease that causes the blockages that lead to a stroke can lead to blockages in the blood vessels of the legs. Atheroclerosis is the process that causes the blockages. Its caused by high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and diabetes. The inital test to evaluate the circulation in the legs is a noninvasive test called the ankle brachial index or abi. its as simple as performing the blood pressure at your ankle and comparing it to the blood pressure in your arm. It can determine if you have blockages.

People can have blockages that are not apparent and dont produce pain when they walk because they dont walk much or they walk slowly.

Other symptoms are pain at rest.

Duplex is helpful but not the first line treatment

Consult your vascular specialist
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