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Femoral artery 100% occluded, surgeon cant operate, will i need amputation.

I'm 41 was fit and healthy then had an 18cm x 12cm myxoid liposarcoma removed last year from my right thigh, whch resulted in a femoral artery graft which failed, then a vein from my left leg used as a graft for my right femoral artery which unfortunately failed too and now my femoral artery is 100% occluded at the thigh.  I get severe pain and foot numbness when my leg is elevated after about 15 minutes - while lying on sofa/in bed at night and is only helped by hanging my leg out of bed which is getting worse weekly as well as a constant lesser pain all day and Oramorph/gabapentin/Zomorph are't helping.  My question is, the surgeons say they wont operate again (i dont come out of anaesthetic well and my veins are too weak for more grafting).  so what else is there to do?  It is just it will get so bad then they will amputate?
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