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I think i have PAD but i am very confused

It all started on Thursday. My right foot got all hard at the bottom and it was painful. After I went to sleep it got better. Then Saturday morning when I woke up, my calves were hurting slightly when I was walking. They no longer hurt but today (Sunday) after playing basketball for a few hours I took a shower. My legs felt stiff and heavy. Right now, only my LEFT leg is stiff and heavy, and it just feels weird. I'm only 15 years old but this is freaking me out even though its only the 2nd day. I googeled my symptoms and I saw that I might have PAD, multiple serrocis (however it is spelled), lack of water (I know I am dehydrated), a blood clot in the leg, authritis, or low potassium intake. I don't. know what it is but this is starting to scare me really bad as I have been walking to school for the past 2 weeks and I just want my legs to feel normal. I feel like these symptoms just appeared out of nowhere as they started Saturday morning when I woke up. Like I said I am only 15 years old. Please any help would be very appreciated.
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You need to see a doctor who can not only check out your symptoms but look at them in relation to how your body is on the whole, as well as do blood work ,etc.

You are only 15, so you will probably have to talk with your parents about this, but you should.  A person your age should not be having trouble with ordinary activities like walking, for example.
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