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Increased risk of CAD with PAD

I know PAD is a risk factor for CAD.  How much of a risk, exactly?
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I'd like to find information on using Teflon veins for PAD. My Father has had both veins replaced, stints, and more stints and no success. Short of amputation where can I get more information, I My friend told me his father had success with Teflon veins. But I don't even no where to begin to get this information. My father has an HMO insurance plan and I feel the Doctor GP he go's to is just stonewalling him.
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Hi I have had 2 heart attacks and four cardiac stents fitted I was told I have cad. Recently I've been tested for pad due to pain in legs when walking( I can't walk more than 50yds without pain) I've been told I have pad  so I've your diagnosed with pad I would certainly get checked put for cad as well
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