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Is assessment and intervention on PAD of legs normally performed by cardiologist?

- Is it typically an interventional cardiologist that does the initial cath and angiogram of lower extremities and legs in the process of treating peripheral artery disease that causes leg or calf cramping?  I've had an ultra sound evaluation and the pain of claudication when exercising indicates I have it.  
- Is it also typical that the same cardiologists will do both revascularization of legs and also with coronary arteries with stents etc,  or do they tend to specialize in either the coronary or peripheral artery disease?  
- Is IVUS or the FFR type imaging and measurement capability regularly used in evaluating blockages and placement of stents in lower extremities or are they the exception and  used with coronary arteries if at all?

Are there any primary PAD treatment centers in mid Atlantic PA area that claim to offer better outcomes?    

Thanks for any info or experience you wish to add.   I don't want to blitz this forum with too many questions,  but I do have a couple of other somewhat related concerns. Thanks in advance.
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It's done by vascular surgeons not an interventional cardiologist
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Peripheral vascular angioplasty and/or stenting can be done by vascular surgery or interventional radiology.
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