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Is my pad serious?

Hi all I've been having tests for peripheral artery disease in my  left leg . It has been a few years since starting with just rigorous walking or going up inclines or stairs but a few months ago I was out and about and I had a sudden pain in in my leg and my leg gave way,since then I can't walk more than 50yds without pain in the top of my calf and deep into the front thigh.My consultant said that if I don't give up smoking it won't be if I lose my leg it will be when. He said I had evidence of pad and sent me for a scan .I have no palpable pulse in my groin or down the leg but the person doing the scan said that a pulse was there.as you can imagine its very debilitating and I have to use a stick now.  I'm now getting a pre cramping feeling in my calf and thigh that's quite uncomfortable but have no redness or swelling there.i don't see my consultant for the results of the scan until August and I'm a bit concerned
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