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Left hand goes red when facing down.

I am a 29 years old white male, for about 2 months I am having problems in general I feel dizzy, have palpitations, and my left hand turns red when is facing down, right one is normal, sometimes my left side of the neck feels pressure and like a choke sensation and my chest feels hyper sensitive.

I had a bunch of cardio test done, all normal, EKG normal, Echo normal, Stress test normal, 24 hours Holster monitor normal with minimal PACs and PVCs, 2 weeks cardio recorder normal with one event of Atrial Tachycardia ( which is normal for me as I suffer from SVT), few episodes of Sinus Arrythmia and Sinus Tachycardia.

But still this makes me anxious as I feel weird, I don't know what other test can be done, I am worried I might have a blood clot or a vein or artery is compressed.

Any help or suggestions please?


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The one thing I would be thinking about is stress, especially since you mention palpitations.

Stress can produce a lot of strange symptoms. Tests have shown your heart is pretty much normal. Worrying about your health can be a major cause of poor health! And no, I'm not saying "it's in your head" ... the symptoms are undoubtedly real.

Talk about this with your doctors.
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