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Need help with Artery, Vein, Nerve, and Muscle related Health Issues/Disorder


I am writing on behalf of my sister. She has been a long history of various health issues that started with very frequent hair line fractures of her femur head/neck of the femur area on BOTH sides of her legs close to groin area. This continued for years till she has been unable to walk anymore due to constant re-occurrence.

Over past couple years she is under the grip of Peripheral Neuropathy of legs as well as now hands. She has almost lost control of or her hand movements by over 60%. Her skin has become extremely sensitive to any touch. As simple as holding a remote or cell phone can cause her irritation in hand or cause rashes/injury.

We have tried so many doctors with NOT any luck. She lives in India. We are trying to figure out what doctor/speciality would be best to correctly diagnose her root problems that are causing so much of VEIN, ARTERY, & NERVES related issues along with a sudden LOSS of ALL her muscles that she lost 60 lbs. PLEASE SUGGEST/GUIDE/HELP!
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