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Hello I have had toes that turn red and dark purple for years. My fingers also turn red. Worse in the heat and cold. Also my toes are really sensitive. If I bump 1 not stub it really really hurts and swells. Does that sound like pa disease?? Or something else. I've told my doctor a few times he just kinda blows me off.

Thanks in advance
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I know what you mean when a doctor blows you off...it happens to me all the time. If your toes and fingers turn dark red and purple, it could be a symptom of Raynaud's Disease, which is a problem with he blood vessels in your hands.  I have this and I know how hard it is in the winter.

If your hands hurt in the cold, and turn white then red if you do not wear heavy gloves (like I wear) then you could have Raynaud's.  If your doctor, he might not know about Raynaud's, because it is an autoimmune disease.  

Also, sometimes feet and fingers turn red when bathing because of Scleroderma, another autoimmune disease.
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Agree. Sounds like Raynaud's to me.
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