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PAD, Stents and travel

My dad had a procedure yesterday (dye in the arteries) to determine the degree to which his arteries are blocked.  We now know that he is getting almost no blood flow to his legs.  He has an appointment with the cardiologist in 4 days to discuss stents and or surgical options.  He would prefer to have stents over surgical options.

He has a trip planned for 3 weeks from now.  The trip includes an air flight and lots of travel.

My question is this.  Is it better to do the stents right away, in the hopes that he will be much more able to walk and enjoy his trip?  Perhaps he should just cancel the trip all together and do it some other time or should he go on the trip, do what little he can and then come back to have the procedures done?

I would really like some outside input on this.  This is a trip my mother planned and she is feeling martyrish over the whole thing.  Personally I say cancel, why go on a trip that will be painful and exhausting?  Mother says he can wait for any procedures until after they come back.  But I see that air travel is ok about a week after stenting, and I wonder if maybe he will feel like enjoying a trip by then....
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I doubt that you could get scheduled and recovered from the stenting within 3 weeks, providing that stenting is all that is needed, and you don't know this yet.  My husband has PAD and it is a very painful condition.  He has had stenting and surgery with no relief.  Just yesterday another angioplasty was done and hopefully he will see a difference.  I would not want my husband to go on a trip with the kind of pain he gets, as it would not be enjoyable for him, even though he would tough it out. Plus, flying is dangerous for anyone, but very dangerous for someone with PAD, where a blood clot could form due to the long time spent sitting.  He would have to be up walking quite a bit.  If it were me, I'd cancel, get your father healthy and then do the trip so that he too, can enjoy it.
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I agree that he should put off the trip. Three weeks after stenting to travel on a plane doesn't sound wise to me.
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Thanks for your feedback.  My sister and I are all for cancelling the trip, but my mother is playing the maytr and insisting that he not only go on the trip, but that he put off any procedures until after.

:(  We will do our best to stand between the two of them, and ask the right questions of the doctor to ensure that he gets the stenting and/or sugery ASAP and that he has doctors orders on no travel.  If mom doesn't like that then oh well!
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Your father is a lucky man to have you both.  I talked with my husband about this since he has the same issues, and he said he would go with me on a trip, but wouldn't be able to enjoy himself due to the pain.  Your father deserves to be able to enjoy his trip.  
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I'm not a doctor but since my husband has been diagnosed with PVD last April I would agree to delay the trip.

Your father sounds like he is suffering from chronic femoral ischemia which causes cramp like pain at rest and increases with any mobility. This is serious and I would not travel without getting the appropriate treatment.

From my husbands experience, I can see that even though he toughs it out to get on with his life, the limited blood flow to his damaged leg which causes pain and impacts his breathing.

After 8months of treatment he was medically cleared to fly in business class but had to have ground support to/from the airport and for carrying his luggage and getting around the airport. There was also inflight support to ensure he was appropriately dehydrated.

Despite all this attention a few days after his flight he was experiencing the same symptoms in his left leg.

I cannot stress the severity of this condition and recommend you help your mother to understand and seek out appropriate treatment, found a cold laser angioplasty that maybe suitable http://youtu.be/5Xv9K9vNFlw

I hope this helps.
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